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How to connect your more experienced researchers and your future experts?

This event might help to address a concern of many think tanks: how to deal with an ageing workforce and support the development of a new generation of experts?

If you go or participate on-line, please let e know how it goes.

Knowledge Transfer & Peer Mentoring: A Conversation with Steve Trautman

How do institutions effectively deal with an aging workforce and staff turn-over? What approaches can be used to facilitate the transition of valuable knowledge and skills to a new generation of workers? Join the SID-Washington KM Working group for a presentation and Q&A by knowledge management expert Steve Trautman.

 Steve’s expertise in the issue of knowledge transfer was born from his years at Microsoft in the early 1990s where he started out as a project manager on the early versions of Word. He pioneered the field of Knowledge Transfer using Peer Mentoring as a solution to the immediate needs of the team he led. Steve later founded one of the earliest training departments at Microsoft (supporting the one-third of the company shipping software) and continued to hone the Knowledge Transfer tools there. That work was the foundation for the program that Steve has since delivered for companies like Electronic Arts (EA), Boeing, Nike, Intel, U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force, and other blue chip companies. More information about the Steve Trautman Company can be found here.


Steve Trautman
 Founder and Principal, The Steve Trautman Company


Stacey Young 
Senior Knowledge Management Advisor at USAID and Co-chair of the SID-W KM Workgroup

Tony Pryor Training Advisor, Bureau of Policy, Planning and Learning, USAID and Co-chair of the SID-W KM Workgroup

Date: Wednesday August 17, 2011 
Time: 12:00-1:30pm
 Location:  1211 Connecticut Ave NW
 4th Floor,
 Washington, DC

RSVP for In-Person Event: Click here to RSVP for this event

Register for Webinar:

There are two ways to participate:

In-Person:  Join us in person for the event in the International Resources Group (IRG) at 1211 Connecticut Avenue NW; 4th Floor; Washington, DC. Click here to RSVP for this event or visit and navigate to the August 17, 2011 KM workgroup event page listed in the event calendar.

On-Line: Registration for this webinar is free but you must sign up here:

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