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Five challenges think tanks face to influence international policy

Knowledge prepared by international organizations or think tanks based in the north, tends to dominate the international debate. What are some of the challenges southern think tanks face when trying to participate in it? Andrea Ordóñez provides examples.

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The Post-2015 debate: relevant trends for think tanks

The High Level Panel's report on the post-2015 development agenda sets out clear trends that think tanks should be aware of both now and in the long term, like inequality; early education; youth; cities, and new partnerships. Other interesting concepts that arise from the Report are policy-peer review, and multi-stakeholder thematic partnership. This is the first post in a series that focuses on inserting knowledge and research from Southern think tanks into the international agenda.

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Report Review: Democracy Think Tanks in Action

The Network of Democracy Research Institutes (NDRI) has just launched its latest report, “Democracy Think Tanks in Action: Translating Research into Policy in Young and Emerging Democracies” with cases from Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia

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Authorship in research: practical tips for think tanks

Authorship is important for researchers, particularly when it comes to ethical authorship - giving credit to everyone who deserves it and excluding those who don't.

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New Director of Research post at Grupo FARO: an opportunity to learn

As Grupo FARO seeks for its new Director of Research , Andrea Ordóñez, the outgoing Director, reflects on the position and its role in the organisation. She offers some sound advice to potential candidates and other Directors of Research.

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Should think tanks be looking into the global development agenda?

Andrea Ordóñez, from Grupo FARO write about why and how southern think tanks can get involved in the discussion of the global development agendas by reflecting on the last IMF/WBG meeting. She argues that more southern think tanks need to lead.

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