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Why Transparency Matters: the Think Tanks’ Perspective

Although advocating for think tank transparency may seem at first like a strenuous task, Transparify's work has been very much welcomed by many international organisations. In this post, Hans Gutbrod lists a series of responses to Transparify's work by think tankers from across the world.

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Find Policy: “Ideas Worth Searching”

Find Policy is a new website offering targeted search. See what the leading think tanks are saying about specific issues. Hans Gutbrod describes why such faster and more focused search can be useful, and why it will can help less prominent institutions.

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Optimizers: How Hearts, Kidneys and Pareto Help Define Think Tanks

Hans Gutbrod suggests that think tanks at their best optimize, fix, and close policy gaps, trying to improve everyone's lives. This helps to define what think tanks are and should do, and has practical implications for the research decisions they make.

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How did leading US Think Tanks fare in 2012? Analysis by numbers

Hans Gutbrod analyses how 20 leading US think tanks have developed over 2012. Seven of them are doing very well, while four of them are not exactly comfortable, at least not in financial terms. Analysis and detailed spreadsheet available.

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Podcasts Offering New Perspectives on Policy

Hans Gutbrod highlights six award-winning podcasts that may be of interest to policy researchers everywhere. He draws lessons on how think tanks can communicate their research and ideas to a wider yet informed public.

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How Think Tanks Work: Analyzing Budgets

What do budgets tell us about the 20 most prominent US think tanks? Hans Gutbrod shows how numbers can increase our understanding of think tank behaviour.

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Supporting think tanks series: “Fact before Think” – The Case for Data-Focused Think Tanks

In this post on supporting think tanks, Hans Gutbrod argues that supporting think tanks may mean encouraging new functions. Think tanks can make a contribution by generating the data that researchers and policymakers so desperately need.

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The Brookings Institution: What Do Its Numbers Tell Us?

Looking at Brookings to argue that we can learn from think tank budgets, and that think tanks should be transparent about their funding.

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Getting Policy to Implementation: A Cautionary Tale

Informing policy may not be enough for think tanks who want to make a difference. An entirely new world of ideas, players, and institutions opens up once the policy has to be implemented. This demands long-term engagement and resources and strategies that current business models may not adequately support.

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Advice to Think Tank Startup: do not do it alone

Hans Gutbrod outlines some ideas that should be considered when thinking of setting up a new think tank. He argues that planning and learning from others are critical for success. And do not forget that management will matter as much as the quality of your research.

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