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And the winner is… A look at the Prospect Think Tank Awards 2014

Last Wednesday evening was the Oscars of the UK think tank world -- the Prospect Think Tank of the Year Award. Here's some quick analysis of the event and the winners.

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The on think tanks interview: Michal Tošovský who mapped Czech Criminality

After the end of the On Think Tanks Data Visualisation competition, we were able to catch up with the winner of the Third Round as well as the final overall winner of the competition, Michal Tošovský. Michal led the team at Otevrena spolecnost, o.p.s. -- a Czech think tank focusing on police and public security -- that is behind Mapping Czech Crime, a visualisation that we think does what it says on the tin and does it well!

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Finally! The On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition Results

The time has come. After three qualifying rounds and a final, and thousands of public votes from around the world, we're now more than pleased to announce the final results of the On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition.

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Vine in 60 seconds: An introduction of Twitter’s video app for think tanks

Today I'm giving a short presentation at IDS on Vine -- a short video sharing service for Twitter -- to our Digital Communications Peer Group. And while I hope it's useful to others working here, I thought it might also be of interest to others working in other think tanks too. I figured that the only way to present on vines was to actually create some -- so below you can find my presentation: Vine in 60 seconds.

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The On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition needs your vote!

This is it – the On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition has reached the Finals! But we still need your help -- we still need your vote!

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Results of the On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition, Round 3

This is it -- the third and final open round of the On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition. And what a great round it was! We had 14 entries, which is the most of any of the rounds. We also had some of the highest voting visualisations in this round, which has been very exciting to see. This week the judges sat down with the top five visualisations with the most votes from this round* and considered who they thought should take home the top spot for this round -- along with the cash prize of US$500, as well as which other two visualisations will also be put through to the final round in January 2014. The results are now in, and the winner for this round is...

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Data visualisation: A pen and cantaloupe may be enough

The other week I had the good fortune of participating in an excellent meeting in Prague hosted by the Open Society Foundations: Policy Research, Technology and Advocacy Event @ the Hub. The event was designed to bring experts together from across Central and Eastern European think tanks to share ideas and learn from each other on innovative approaches to evidence-based advocacy and communications.

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The on think tanks interview: The Budapest Institute creators of the ‘Our Money!’ visualisation

For the 2nd Round of the On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition, we had a completely different style of winner: the Budapest Institute submitted a poster called ‘Our Money’ that broke down the Hungarian annual budget so that it was easy for any citizen to understand. It was the subject of heated debate among the judges – especially the origins of the visualisation – so I thought I’d ask its creators, Petra Edina Reszkető, Balázs Váradi and Anna Orosz more about the posters and the project that brought them to fruition.

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The on think tanks interview: Noah Blumenthal, CEO of SwayWhat

We’ve been continuing to scour the web for resources to help think tanks develop data visualisations and to get their ideas across to new audiences. A lot of the resources we found were designed to help with the technicalities of developing visualisations themselves. But we were intrigued when we came across SwayWhat, a tool that not only helps create charts, but also serves as a platform to share ideas. If I had to describe it in a sentence, it’s SlideShare for data visualisations – but it’s more ambitious for that. It hopes to bring evidence to the most political of discussions.

I had to find out more, so I got in touch with SwayWhat CEO, Noah Blumenthal, to understand better how think tanks might take advantage of their services.

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On #datavis judging: John Schwartz’s advice

Round 3 of the On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition is currently open for submissions(the deadline is 20 November at 23:59 GMT!)! The judges want it to be the biggest and the best round we've had so far so each of them has taken a minute to offer their advice when it comes to data visualisation -- what works, what doesn't, and what are they really looking for when judging the data visualisations. Today we hear from John Schwartz.

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