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How to break through the glass ceiling: supporting a new generation of think tanks and thinktankers

In this post, part of a series based on interviews and visits in Kenya, I share two possible ways for international funders to support the emergence of new thinktankers and think tanks in developing countries.

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The future of think tanks in Africa: Trends to look out for

This is the first of a series of posts on think tanks in Africa -and Kenya in particular. It looks at some trends that may help to understand the future that think tanks face: is the space for debate opening or shrinking? is authority being challenged? are there new players to look out for?

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The Prospect 2015 Think Tank Awards: the winners and some reflections

And the winner is... the think tank community in Britain; and the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Prospect Magazine awarded its famous prize last week. Find out who won and why.

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Conference on Methodologies for Researching Think tanks: Social Network Analysis

In advance of the first International Online Conference: Insights into Think Tanks (August – October 2015), Jordan Soukias Tchilingirian, shares a Methodology Brief on Social Network Analysis.

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International Workshop for Managers of Research Organizations in the Western Balkans and the EU: 19 October 2015

Center for Social Research Analitika, in cooperation with the Regional Research Promotion Program in the Western Balkans (RRPP) and the Think Tank Fund of the Open Society Foundations, will jointly organize “International Workshop for Managers of Research Organizations in the Western Balkans” in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 19 October.

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Is there a systemic gender bias in knowledge production? A look at UK Universities and Think Tanks

In this eighth post in our series on Women in Think Tanks Josephine Tsui, of the Overseas Development Institute, analyses the gender distribution of staff in top think tanks and universities in the UK in an attempt to determine if there is systemic gender bias in knowledge production. The posts presents data on development and economics policy areas calling attention to gender imbalances between think tanks and universities and policy research areas and highlights gaps in available data on women's representation.

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Job Opportunity: Searching for the Executive Secretary of a Latin American think tank network

ILAIPP, a network of Latin American think tanks, is looking for a new Executive Secretary to lead the implementation of its strategy. Candidates should apply before July 7th.

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Gamification: An opportunity for think tank networks

Networks can be a lot of hard work but may also offer great opportunities for learning that can outweigh the costs. By incorporating a bit of gamification think tank networks can work together to test small changes to their tactics and strategies and learn together.

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International Online Conference: Insights into Think Tanks (August – October 2015)

This international online conference, possibly the first of its kind, aims to bring together scholars and practitioners interested in the study of think tanks across the world. The sessions provide an opportunity to discuss research methods to further understand these organisations and their impact on politics and society more broadly. Sign-up to join as a panelist or participant.

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Early Childhood in Agenda: CIPPEC’s new policy influence oriented website

CIPPEC's new early childhood policy online portal provides a strong case for investing in new websites and a glimpse into the future of think tanks: more flexible and dynamic enterprises. Gala Díaz Langou and Carolina Aulicino share their experience and the impact of this model of communication.

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