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Australian Think Tanks Least Transparent in the World, New Data Shows

Researchers from Transparify have just rated Australian think tanks as the least transparent in the world. This post discusses these findings and calls for Australian think tanks to be more transparent and disclose who funds them (and for what).

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Think Tanks in Armenia: Who Needs their Thinking?

What does the think tank landscape in Armenia looks like? Yevgenya Paturyan provides insights into how connected these organisations are (you will be surprised). This is the third post from the series: Thinking about think tanks in the South Caucasus.

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The lay of the land: An interview with Hans Gutbrod on think tanks in the South Caucasus

On this second post from the Thinking about Think Tanks in the South Caucasus, Dustin Gilbreath interviews Hans Gutbrod. They discuss the different scenarios in each of the three countries, distinguishing between the challenges and opportunities think tanks face. He concludes with some practical advice for funders and think tanks alike.

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Thinking about think tanks in the South Caucasus: A New Series

This post introduces a new series on "Thinking about think tanks in the South Caucasus", edited by Dustin Gilbreath. The series explores the think tank landscape in the South Caucasus as a region as well as in each of its countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

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A Tale of Two Think Tank Summits

José Luis Chicoma provides a comparative account of two recent think tank gatherings: the North American Think Tank Summit, held in Washington DC, and the G20 Think Tank Summit, held in Beijing. It offers excellent arguments in favour of intra and inter-regional collaboration and networking.

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What can Indonesian Research Institutes Learn from Chinese Think Tanks?

Study tours had fallen out of fashion. The Knowledge Sector Initiative in Indonesia may be leading their revival. A recent visit by 16 Indonesian think tanks to China provides an interesting insight into Chinese think tanks and on the lessons that may be learned through a study tour.

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The On Think Tanks interview: Miguel Pulido, former Executive Director of FUNDAR in Mexico

Miguel Pulido, former Executive Director of the Mexican think tank FUNDAR, talks to On Think Tanks' Leandro Echt about his arrival to the executive direction, the initial challenges he faced in strengthening the think tank, the transition and how he intends to capitalize what he learned in for future plans. Miguel offers excellent advice to any current and future think tank director.

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The On Think Tank Interview: Djibéry Doucoure and Mohamed Fadel Ball, from Mauritanie Perspectives

With less than four million inhabitants, widespread illiteracy and a long history of authoritarian rule by military strongmen, Francophone Mauritania seems an unlikely breeding ground for think tanks. But when the country held its first think tank summit earlier this year, seven different organisations were present. One of them was Mauritanie Perspectives. Till Bruckner spoke with their chief administrator and project manager for this new entry on African think tanks.

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How To Make Compelling Policy Video: A Production Guide for Think Tanks

Think tanks are increasingly turning to videos to communicate their research. But are they spending enough time planning and distributing them? In this post, Michael Kleiman, provides research based advice on planning, producing and distributing videos for think tanks.

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Strategies to increase women in higher education leadership in public universities in Uganda

The effort to address women's continuous under-representation in leadership positions in universities and research is a matter of principles, but also a way to address large losses for higher education institutions, as women's abilities are being under-used. This blog post summarises the findings of a study presenting strategies to increase women's participation in positions of leadership in public universities in Uganda.

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