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Submit your data visualisation application now! Win great prizes!

The Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition is now on! Only a few days are left to apply to the first round of the competition. This round focuses on static visualisation. Apply before the end of 22nd October!

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Round 1 of the On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition 2014 is now Open!

The wait is over! The On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition is back in a newer -- and better -- incarnation for the 2014-15 season. The competition is now open to think tanks all over the world. The new and improved competition site has more information, more resources and will provide greater opportunities to learn about data visualisation.

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#TheExchangeJakarta: learning about collaboration from the On Think Tanks Exchange

The On Think Tanks Exchange is coming to Jakarta this week. This post outlines some of the lessons that the participating think tanks have learned already. The post also presents links to papers and posts written by the participants themselves. This week, follow us: #TheExchangeJakarta

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Think Tank Initiative Evaluation: some ideas for the evaluators

The call for proposals for the second phase of the Think Tank Initiative presents an opportunity to reflect on what such an evaluation should entail. This 'wish-list' brings together some of the ideas presented in this blog over the years in an effort to encourage more and better applications.

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Call for Proposals: Evaluation of Phase 2 of the Think Tank Initiative

IDRC has launched a call for proposals for the provision of an independent evaluation team to undertake an evaluation of the second phase of the Think Tank Initiative over 4.5 years. The evaluation will provide periodic, timely and actionable feedback to allow for the adaptive management of the Initiative, as well as providing rigorously documented and validated learning about the program.

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And the winner is… A look at the Prospect Think Tank Awards 2014

Last Wednesday evening was the Oscars of the UK think tank world -- the Prospect Think Tank of the Year Award. Here's some quick analysis of the event and the winners.

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National Think Tank Awards: Premio PODER 2014 in Peru celebrates innovation

Revista PODER and On Think Tanks have launched the Peruvian Think Tank of the Year Award 2014. Peruvian think tanks can apply until 31st August on a number of thematic categories: economic policy, social policy, environment and natural resources, science and innovation, as well as general categories for the best sub-national and national think tanks, and the one to watch.

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Re-thinking funding models: a short survey and an upcoming course

Politics & Ideas has launched a surgery to kickstart a new project on funding models for think tanks. They plan to use it to develop a course for think tanks keen to learn more about the effect that the manner in which they fund their work affects them. Please complete the survey!

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Think tanks and communication workshop: a learner’s perspective

In this post, Palash Sanyal from the Centre for Policy Development in Bangladesh reflect on the communications workshop organised in Dhaka last month. He was one of the participants, representing CPD's communications team. In this post he identifies key lessons and highlight some insights from the sessions and the discussion.

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#dhakacomms workshop: Day 4

Last week I facilitated a communications workshop for three South Asian think tanks : CPD, IGS and SDPI. We explored a new way of thinking about think tank communications, the various channels and tools available to them, how to organise communications teams, an other issues. This post is the fourth of several describing the workshop and some of the ideas that emerged from it.

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