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Do not dumb down you audience –or rather, how should think tanks affect policy chance?

How should think tanks influence policy? In a manner that strengthens other institutions and does not weaken them.

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Latin American Think Tank Summit in Argentina

CIPPEC presents this year's Latin American Think Tanks Summit in Buenos Aires. The agenda includes a mix between a focus on key policy issues for the region as well as a focus on think tanks themselves and the relationships between each other.

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#TTmethods – Session 3: Quantitative Survey Analysis

This session explores an approach to study think-tanks that relies on quantitative methods –namely survey analysis– to understand these organisations in a manner that may allow for generalisations.

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#TTmethods – Session 2: Researching think-tanks with social network analysis

This session will look at how social network analysis (SNA) can be applied to the political world and to public policy research.

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#TTmethods – Session 1: Case studies, qualitative methods and diachronic perspectives

This session explores an approach to study think-tanks that relies on an array of qualitative methods – including interviews, ethnography, document analysis – to understand these organisations from a closer perspective.

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A Tale of Two Think Tank Summits

José Luis Chicoma provides a comparative account of two recent think tank gatherings: the North American Think Tank Summit, held in Washington DC, and the G20 Think Tank Summit, held in Beijing. It offers excellent arguments in favour of intra and inter-regional collaboration and networking.

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Lessons from the Peruvian think tank awards

This post offers some insights into the think tank community in Peru as seen by the judging panel of PODER'sThink Tank of the Year Awards. Winners of the Premio PODER will be announced at the end of October.

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Register for the 1st International Online Conference: Studying think tanks (September – October 2015)

This international online conference, possibly the first of its kind, aims to bring together scholars and practitioners interested in the study of think tanks across the world. The sessions provide an opportunity to discuss research methods to further understand these organisations and their impact on politics and society more broadly. Sign-up to join the webinars as a participant.

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Researching a murky subject: definitions, questions, and methods

On Think Tanks has launched an online conference on studying think tanks. This post reports on the pre-launch event in London in August 2015. It serves as a discussion article to inform the series of webinars and deals with the definition of think tanks, the questions that need to be asked about them, and the methods that could be used.

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Live event – Approaching a murky subject: what is a think tank?

What the video of the event on Studying Think Tanks and engage with Twitter and comments.

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