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Supporting think tanks: 5 ideas for action

We all know that bespoke and think tank led interventions are better than off-the-shelf, regional/global and third-party managed ones. But how can we take a capacity building mechanism like mentoring and scale it up? Is it possible? Should we even try? This post addresses some of these questions and presents 5 possible interventions (not that there are only 5).

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And the winner is… A look at the Prospect Think Tank Awards 2014

Last Wednesday evening was the Oscars of the UK think tank world -- the Prospect Think Tank of the Year Award. Here's some quick analysis of the event and the winners.

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Rethinking how research is communicated: two cases from Cameroon

[Editor's note: This post was written by Sandrine Ebakisse, a knowledge manager by profession. She carried out this analysis with a research grant from the Communications Division of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). In it she reflects on the strategies of two policy research organisations working in Cameroon's forestry sector.

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3 lessons from working with African think tanks

Richard Darlington, Head of News at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) in London and a founding member of the WonkComms global network, writes about the importance of having a network of peers to support new communications efforts. He argues that it is possible for any think tank to produce world-class communication strategies.

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A manifesto for research-policy funders: publish what you are funding and finding

There are many studies and projects being commissioned by think tank funders and think tanks themselves that aim to solve the same questions. Instead of working together they seem to be working in parallel -and in isolation from one another. In this post I propose a 6-point 'manifesto' for funders to 'sign' (and commit to). It should help save lots of money, encourage more research on these issues by think tanks themselves, and nurture a culture of co-prodution of knowledge.

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On Think Tanks is 4 years old today

On Think Tanks is 4 years old. In this post I share some lessons on blogging about a niche topic. This post is also an invitation to share your views on the blog, its content, and its future.

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Think tanks and communication workshop: a learner’s perspective

In this post, Palash Sanyal from the Centre for Policy Development in Bangladesh reflect on the communications workshop organised in Dhaka last month. He was one of the participants, representing CPD's communications team. In this post he identifies key lessons and highlight some insights from the sessions and the discussion.

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A quick and dirty “Transparify-like” assessment of the KSI think tanks

This post presents a quick and dirty Transparify-like assessment of the Knowledge Sector Initiative's grantees, the programme itself, and its contractors. As in the case of the TTI grantees' assessment the objective is to encourage others to pay more attention to think tanks transparency.

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A quick and dirty “Transparify-like” assessment of TTI think tanks

Transparify has just published an excellent report in which it reviews the financial transparency of over 150 think tanks across the world. Inspired by this effort I have rated the group of think tanks funded by the Think Tank Initiative. For no other reasons that it is a fairly clear set, not too small and not too large, and representative of three developing regions. In this blog post I argue that Transparify has opened a door that other should follow.

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Barriers to collaboration between think tanks: The Budapest Institute

Petra Reszketo has written a short essay on the experience of the Budapest Institute in Hungary on collaborations with other think tanks. In this post she outlines a number of lessons learned from several cases and presents two of them in greater detail.

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