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The EU think tanks’s tweetosphere

On this second post of the series on Think Tanks and Twitter, Luca Barani uses Twitter Analytics to investigate which are the most powerful EU think tanks on Twitter. He analyses their activity, number of followers, offers insight on their effectiveness and trust, as well as their level of influence.

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Visualising data: both a science and an art

Data visualisation is both an art and a science. What's more, it requires many different skills to get right, and prioritising just one or two of these skills over the others is disingenuous at best. What we need to be talking about is building a comprehensive set of skills – whether they lie in one person or across teams – including research, technology, design and communication.

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The on think tanks interview: Bill Dugan of WRI

We caught up with the winner of the second round of the On Think Tanks Data Visualisation competition about their inspiration and experience creating the winning piece.

Visualising the Past, Present and Future of Carbon Emissions, an interactive visualisation by Bill Dugan at the World Resources Institute, USA, is an innovative concept that had big impact. We spoke to Bill about his team’s inspiration for the graphic and his advice for anyone else looking to use interactive visuals to tell a story.

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TTDATAVIS how to series: How to… summarise data with Pivot Tables in Excel

In this how to, we will look at how to summarise that data to answer specific questions using the PivotTable utility in Excel.

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The on think tanks interview: Eric Barrett of JumpStart Georgia

We caught up with the winner of the first round of the On Think Tanks Data Visualization competition about their inspiration and experience creating the winning piece. Don’t limit HER possibilities, a static visualization by Eric Barrett at JumpStart Georgia, won round the judges with its original use of photography and creative manner of telling the story about STEM education for girls in Georgia. We wanted to unpack Eric's motivation for the graphic, the origins behind its unusual style and some of the challenges they faced during the process.

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Think Tanks and Universities: not just a communications’ partnership

Think tanks and universities can work together to maximise the impact of the latter's research. They may also undertake research together and can provide interesting career paths for their own staff. But think tanks and universities can also come together in a win-win funding for research partnership. This post takes inspiration from IDS' model in the UK to suggest a model of collaboration relevant for some developing countries.

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Public events where policy arguments take center stage: Batalla de Ideas

New forms of public policy debate can be entertaining, inclusive and enlightening. Think tanks ought to consider different ways of encouraging a wider and deeper discussion between experts and the public. Batalla de Ideas in Peru, offers some lessons.

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A national ranking of influence: Chinese and American models

Two think tank rankings have been published recently: one for Chinese think tanks and one for US think tanks. Both have been developed by think tanks themselves and both have attempted to be as context specific and objective as possible. While they use different methods they offer an excellent opportunity for comparative research on think tanks.

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Want to be relevant? Learn how politics work -and have fun in the process

Comedy about politics serves other purposes beside entertainment. They can foster a richer political environment in which think tanks may be able to make greater contributions.

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Stocktaking on Research Quality at the Think Tank Initiative Exchange

In this post Andrea Ordoñez writes about research quality. She identified three levels of responsibility: the individual, the organisation, and society. She argues that to deliver high quality research all three need to be addressed.

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