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Five lessons about the use of evidence in public policy in Peru

The Peruvian Alliance for Useful Evidence exists to promote the use of evidence in policy-making in Peru. Over the last few months, it has organised several meetings and events with members of organisations from the public and private sector, civil society organisations and the international community, in order to discuss this issue. This post presents 5 lessons learned in the process.

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Researching a murky subject: definitions, questions, and methods

On Think Tanks has launched an online conference on studying think tanks. This post reports on the pre-launch event in London in August 2015. It serves as a discussion article to inform the series of webinars and deals with the definition of think tanks, the questions that need to be asked about them, and the methods that could be used.

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Strategies to increase women in higher education leadership in public universities in Uganda

The effort to address women's continuous under-representation in leadership positions in universities and research is a matter of principles, but also a way to address large losses for higher education institutions, as women's abilities are being under-used. This blog post summarises the findings of a study presenting strategies to increase women's participation in positions of leadership in public universities in Uganda.

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Creating an enabling environment for philanthropy through tax incentives

For all the talk about how the context affects think tanks we know little about philanthropy in developing countries and its role in supporting think tanks. A recent study of tax incentives for philanthropists in Kenya offers an opportunity to reflect on the matter.

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The On Think Tanks Interview: Cheikh Oumar Ba, Executive Director of the Initiative Prospective Agricole et Rurale (IPAR)

Dr. Cheikh Oumar Ba discusses the current trends, main challenges and prospects of Senegalese policy research. He talks about the role of new thinktankers and funding (and the role of funders) in shaping the future of think tanks.

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The On Think Tanks Interview: Donald Abelson, Professor at Western University, specialized in American Politics and US foreign policy

Donald Abelson discusses with Till Bruckner the role of think tanks in democratic societies, such as the US and Canada, taking into account the scope of their influence and the ethical issues surrounding domestic and foreign funding for think tanks.

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How Think Tanks Can Support the Fight Against Corruption

What is the role think tanks can have in the fight against corruption in developing countries? Till Bruckner discusses how think tanks can occupy a space left open by the disconnect between academic thinking, empirical research and aid industry's actions on this subject, giving practical suggestions on how this can be achieved.

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The Think Tanks and University series – Next steps: Jumping the hurdles

On the fifth post from the Think Tanks and University series, Shannon Sutton, editor of the series, explores the challenges that think tanks and universities face when it comes to working together.

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Conference on Methodologies for Researching Think tanks: Social Network Analysis

In advance of the first International Online Conference: Insights into Think Tanks (August – October 2015), Jordan Soukias Tchilingirian, shares a Methodology Brief on Social Network Analysis.

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Conference on Methodologies for Researching Think tanks: Case Studies

In advance of the first International Online Conference: Insights into Think Tanks (August – October 2015), Marcos Gonzalez Hernando, shares a Methodology Brief on Case studies, Qualitative Methods and Diachronic Perspectives.

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