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Think Tanks Stress Test: a Forecasting Tool

Forecasting is a central element in any strategic planning process. But it is also important for monitoring the financial health of a think tank. This tools offers to opportunity to monitor income, costs, and assess whether the organisation will be able to meet its responsibilities in the future.

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Consolidating themes and identifying strategies for change: next steps in supporting women in think tanks

The last post of the Women in Think Tanks series. Meghan Froehner attempts to answer key questions about the importance of promoting women in think tanks, outlines a set of recommendations for think tanks, and a possible agenda for future action.

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Conference on Methodologies for Researching Think tanks: Social Network Analysis

In advance of the first International Online Conference: Insights into Think Tanks (August – October 2015), Jordan Soukias Tchilingirian, shares a Methodology Brief on Social Network Analysis.

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Conference on Methodologies for Researching Think tanks: Case Studies

In advance of the first International Online Conference: Insights into Think Tanks (August – October 2015), Marcos Gonzalez Hernando, shares a Methodology Brief on Case studies, Qualitative Methods and Diachronic Perspectives.

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Nesta’s Innovative Lab Global Map: is this a map of a new breed of think tanks?

In the run-up to the LabWorks 2015, Adam Price, form Nesta, has developed an online searchable global map to showcase over 80 public innovation labs working within government. What are public innovation labs and how do they related to think tanks?

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Transparify’s report on Open Data NGOs

Transparify has conducted an investigation into 34 non-profit organisations that were sending speakers to the Open Data Conference (#IODC15) in Ottawa, Canada. Here's a brief summary of its findings.

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Early Childhood in Agenda: CIPPEC’s new policy influence oriented website

CIPPEC's new early childhood policy online portal provides a strong case for investing in new websites and a glimpse into the future of think tanks: more flexible and dynamic enterprises. Gala Díaz Langou and Carolina Aulicino share their experience and the impact of this model of communication.

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TTDATAVIS how to series: How to… create interactive dashboards with Tableau Public

In this post, Jeff Knezovich explains how to create interactive dashboards with Tableau Public. It is part of a series of posts on How to develop Data Visualisations for think tanks

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Women in Think Tanks: Thinking about gender and equal opportunity in think tanks

This is the first post of the new On Think Tanks series on Women in Think Tanks edited by Meghan Froehner. In this introductory post, Meghan outlines the series and talks about how her own experience has been reflected by this issue. She sums up with an introduction of the contributors and the themes they will discuss. This series will be updated weekly, so expect more posts coming soon.

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TTDATAVIS how to series: How to…animate a map to see changes over time using CartoDB

We've already seen one of the ways that we can develop maps using Google FusionTables. But that method gives us points on a map that don't change over time. This How To on Data Visualisation shows how to animate a map using CartoDB.

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