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Researching a murky subject: definitions, questions, and methods

On Think Tanks has launched an online conference on studying think tanks. This post reports on the pre-launch event in London in August 2015. It serves as a discussion article to inform the series of webinars and deals with the definition of think tanks, the questions that need to be asked about them, and the methods that could be used.

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Please help update the think tanks wikipedia page, twitter, delicious, etc.

Another request for support in updating the Wikipedia page on think tanks. I could do it (and have) but it would defeat the purpose of Wikipedia  if I did it alone. Can I encourage you, avid onthinktank readers to give it a go. There is also a page in Spanish.

Wikipedia is still one of the main drivers of traffic to this site every day. So online readers are using the site for information about think tanks. Whatever your views on its reliability, the site matters.

Similarly, on the right column of this think tank there are a number of RSS feeds coming out of delicious. Any  document or page tagged with Think Tank , Communications + Research, Knowledge Management, or YouTube videos related to think tanks or evidence based policy.  You can contribute to these lists by adding your resources to the feeds.

And do not forget Twitter. If you find anything worth sharing, please do not hesitate to let me know. Not just information related to the study of think tanks but also announcements from think tanks (new jobs, appointments, new projects, etc.). Just tweet: @onthinktanks and check out the lists and suggest any updates.


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