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Más Saber América Latina: Promoting links between think tanks and universities

Despite representing 10% of the world’s population, research shows that Latin America produces less than 3% of the world’s scientific knowledge. Collaboration between think tanks and universities can be seen as a way to change this. In this second post from the Think Tanks and Universities series, Grupo FARO’s Orazio Bellettini and Adriana Arellano presents Más Saber América Latina, a project that explores and promotes links between think tanks and universities in Latin America.

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Transparency for think tanks: the latest fashion or an urgent reform?

This post was written by Orazio Bellettini, Executive Director of Grupo FARO in Ecuador. It presents ideas and reflections generated on the panel “From Research to Impact, from Transparency to Independence” included in the Latin American Think Tanks Summit organized by the Getulio Vargas Foundation. Orazio considers some of the arguments for and against greater transparency.

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Lessons on the role of Latin American think tanks in electoral processes – the way forward

In this post, Leandro Echt outlines a number of key lessons from cases of Latin American think tanks working to inform and improve the electoral processes in their countries. He also provides a set of recommendations for action to help share the lessons learned in Latin America with other regions.

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Orazio Bellettini: “Think tanks can create spaces for dialogue among relevant actors of the policy community”

In this interview, Orazio Bellettini, Director of Grupo Faro reflects on the initiative that the think tank carried out in 2006 to influence the electoral debate in Ecuador. He argues that is necessary to work at both the national and sub-national levels.

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Think tanks and the electoral process: lessons from Latin America

Many think tanks argue that elections are the worst time to attempt to influence policy. Think tanks in Latin America, disagree. There, they have developed a new technology of influence that is able to influence both policy and the policy context. This post introduces a series edited by Leandro Echt that collects cases from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina and Paraguay.

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Strengthening Grupo FARO’s Board of Directors

Orazio Bellettini, Director of Grupo FARO in Ecuador, writes about his think tank's Board and what they have learned trying to strengthen it. He argues that it is not enough for them to include well known and knowledgeable individuals but that they must also have the right skills to govern a think tank. As a consequence, he calls for the development of a generation of new think tank leaders who may take-on senior management and governing roles in the future.

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How to improve your capacity to write proposals: Grupo FARO’s Committee for Project Approval

Like many think tanks, Grupo FARO from Ecuador, finds it hard to decide what proposals to develop and how to make sure those they develop are 'winning proposals'. Finding the right balance between individual researchers' interests and the organisation's mission as well as between short and long term agendas is a challenge think tanks face. In this post, Adriana Arellano shares a tool adopted by FARO: a committee for project approval.

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Grupo FARO’s tough question: “are we producing research that informs and changes policies?”

In this post, Orazio Bellettini and Adriana Arellano, from Grupo FARO, outline the think tank's new approach to research and policy influence. This post has been partly inspired by Lawrence MacDonald's and Todd Moss' essay on CGD's approach to policy influence. What do you think? Do they have the right approach?

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Orazio Bellettini on the future of think tanks in Latin America

Orazio Bellettini writes about the lessons learned during a Meeting of Latin American think tanks in Rio de Janeiro. He argues that think tanks have played a key role in the region's development and now must look to the future in order to become catalysts for economic, political, and social development.

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Newsletter N°7

News, events and job announcements from think tanks and donors around the world for think tanks and think tankers.

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