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Meet The On Think Tanks Exchange’s participants

After reviewing the applications 10 candidates will join The On Think Tanks Exchange. The 10 participants include think tankers from Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Hungary, Georgia, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Indonesia. Over the next two years they will come together to share lessons and experiences, learn from each other, and work on collaborative research projects. Read this blog to meet the participants and learn more about the project.

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Think Tanks and universities in Latin America

Adolfo Garcé, for the +Saber América Latina project, writes about the transformations that the knowledge sector in Latin America has undergone. He notes that while think tanks have received significant attention the transformation is deeper and far-reaching among universities.

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Think tank networks: the holy grail?

In early November, 12 Latin American think tanks launched a new network: ILAIPP. In an effort to offer this new network some advice and my best wishes, here are some lessons we have learned about networks and some friendly advice.

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Think tanks and Universities in Latin America: a research project

A couple of months ago I published a couple of blogs about a new project funded by the TTI to study the relationship between think tanks and universities. The project in Latin America is now underway and the team has set up a new website: +Saber América Latina.

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The external evaluation of the Think Tank Initiative: “what we’re learning, and how we’re responding to those lessons”

In this post, Peter Taylor, Program Manager of Think Tank Initiative, outlines the main findings of the TTI's first phase evaluation. The evaluators also identified a number of lessons and recommendations for the second phase: sharing, learning and collaboration are among them.

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Learning about efforts to support better links between Politics and Ideas

Vanesa Weyrauch has published a paper on the lessons she and her team and colleagues have learned from years of working to strengthen the capacity of researchers and policymakers to connect the communities of politics and ideas in Latin America.

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Orazio Bellettini on the future of think tanks in Latin America

Orazio Bellettini writes about the lessons learned during a Meeting of Latin American think tanks in Rio de Janeiro. He argues that think tanks have played a key role in the region's development and now must look to the future in order to become catalysts for economic, political, and social development.

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Latin American think tanks meet in Rio to strengthen collaboration

The most recent meeting of Latin American think tanks held last month in Rio de Janeiro was a moment of reflection on the challenges and opportunities that think tanks in Latin America face when trying to impact and influence the development of better public policies for the region.

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Latin American networking for think tanks: a decade in meetings

Latin American think tanks have been meeting each other and sharing lessons for a very long time. In the last decade, a number of efforts have slowly helped build a community of practice that is, now, coming of age. The future of think tank collaboration in the region looks bright.

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Think tanks and universities: a research project proposal

The Think Tank Initiative has launched a new call for proposals to study the relationship between universities and think tanks. This seems like once in life time opportunity to develop new knowledge on this field. This blog outlines a value for money project design that could maximise the density of information and knowledge on this relationship.

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