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International Workshop for Managers of Research Organizations in the Western Balkans and the EU: 19 October 2015

Center for Social Research Analitika, in cooperation with the Regional Research Promotion Program in the Western Balkans (RRPP) and the Think Tank Fund of the Open Society Foundations, will jointly organize “International Workshop for Managers of Research Organizations in the Western Balkans” in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 19 October.

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Gamification: An opportunity for think tank networks

Networks can be a lot of hard work but may also offer great opportunities for learning that can outweigh the costs. By incorporating a bit of gamification think tank networks can work together to test small changes to their tactics and strategies and learn together.

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On Think Tanks is updating its Topic Pages

Topic pages are a useful tool for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of a particular subject this blog has worked on. This week we'll be working on improving and expanding them, as well as keeping thoroughly updated. Expect news from this at the end of next week. Comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.

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The Think Tank Initiative’s Global Exchange 2015: an annotated guide

[**This page is being updated**] The 2015 Think Tank Initiative Global Exchange (#TTIX2015) will take place in Istanbul from 18-20th February 2015. Follow On Think Tanks to find out what is going on at the event. This post includes useful resources on all the topics being discussed and a guide on who to follow.

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Think tanks and communication workshop: a learner’s perspective

In this post, Palash Sanyal from the Centre for Policy Development in Bangladesh reflect on the communications workshop organised in Dhaka last month. He was one of the participants, representing CPD's communications team. In this post he identifies key lessons and highlight some insights from the sessions and the discussion.

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How did leading US Think Tanks fare in 2012? Analysis by numbers

Hans Gutbrod analyses how 20 leading US think tanks have developed over 2012. Seven of them are doing very well, while four of them are not exactly comfortable, at least not in financial terms. Analysis and detailed spreadsheet available.

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The onthinktanks interview: Dr Asep Suryahadi

In this interview, SMERU's Director, Dr Asep Suryahadi, describes his motivations for joining the think tank, the centre's history, and its current and future challenges. Pak Asep explains that as a think tank in Indonesia SMERU must balance a number of sometimes competing expectations from multiple stakeholders.

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A cheaper and more useful alternative to ROI for a think tank: Force Field Analysis

Force Field Analysis can be used to plan, monitor and evaluate the decisions made by think tanks involved in influencing interventions. It provides the user with intervention options, rich information about the context, and a good sense of progress. An excellent tool for ex-ante evaluations.

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Advice to Think Tank Startup: do not do it alone

Hans Gutbrod outlines some ideas that should be considered when thinking of setting up a new think tank. He argues that planning and learning from others are critical for success. And do not forget that management will matter as much as the quality of your research.

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How to overcome the knowledge gap: study the rich

Donors are increasingly concerned with studies that address the real and immediate problems faced by these countries -and in particular by the poorest among them. As a consequence a crucial component of any knowledge body is being missed: learning about others.

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