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Think Tank Initiative Evaluation: some ideas for the evaluators

The call for proposals for the second phase of the Think Tank Initiative presents an opportunity to reflect on what such an evaluation should entail. This 'wish-list' brings together some of the ideas presented in this blog over the years in an effort to encourage more and better applications.

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A quick and dirty “Transparify-like” assessment of TTI think tanks

Transparify has just published an excellent report in which it reviews the financial transparency of over 150 think tanks across the world. Inspired by this effort I have rated the group of think tanks funded by the Think Tank Initiative. For no other reasons that it is a fairly clear set, not too small and not too large, and representative of three developing regions. In this blog post I argue that Transparify has opened a door that other should follow.

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Our Policy Engagement and Communications (PEC) Program: On the importance of flexibility

In this post, Julie LaFrance from the Think Tank Initiative, reflects on some of the lessons the programme has learned in supporting think tanks. She argues that greyer flexibility from donors (and the various contractors they use) is necessary to support think tanks in a way that suits their own interests and possibilities. Important lessons for any 'demand-driven' initiative.

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Insight into factors affecting perceptions of performance in policy communities (Part 2)

In his second post, Philippe Martin outlines some of the key findings of his study of the effect that certain contextual factors have on think tanks' performance. He concludes with a number of interesting research questions to inform any efforts for further analysis.

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Insight into factors affecting perceptions of performance in policy communities (Part 1)

Philippe Martin has used the Think Tank Initiative's database to test a number of hypothesis about the effect that certain contextual factors have on think tanks' performance. In this first post of two, he outlines some of the hypothesis studied.

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A think tank ‘knowledge society’ index – is it possible?

David Walker presents and discusses a Knowledge Society Index developed to attempt to explain the effect of the context on think tanks formation and success. Developing such an index presents an attractive opportunity to quantify the fussy relationship between context and think tanks but leads to critical challenges that David addresses. What do you think of the index? Are the costs and challenges too large to merit the effort?

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Meet The On Think Tanks Exchange’s participants

After reviewing the applications 10 candidates will join The On Think Tanks Exchange. The 10 participants include think tankers from Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Hungary, Georgia, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Indonesia. Over the next two years they will come together to share lessons and experiences, learn from each other, and work on collaborative research projects. Read this blog to meet the participants and learn more about the project.

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Think Tanks and universities in Latin America

Adolfo Garcé, for the +Saber América Latina project, writes about the transformations that the knowledge sector in Latin America has undergone. He notes that while think tanks have received significant attention the transformation is deeper and far-reaching among universities.

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Do not forget: apply to The Exchange by 30th November

The On Think Tanks Exchange is a new initiative to support collaboration between researchers in think tanks across the world. Each researcher (those accepted to programme) will participate in a series of face to face and online exchanges between January 2014 and September 2015. The deadline for application is the 30th November!

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Launching the On Think Tanks Exchange for collaboration between think tanks

The Think Tank Initiative, the Think Tank Fund and On Think Tanks have joined forces to launch a 2 year project to encourage and support exchanges between think tanks across the developing world. The On Think Tanks Exchange will offer a group of young a promising researchers the chance to join a community of fellow think tankers to learn about each other's think tanks, and work on relevant collaborative research projects.

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