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Australian Think Tanks Least Transparent in the World, New Data Shows

Researchers from Transparify have just rated Australian think tanks as the least transparent in the world. This post discusses these findings and calls for Australian think tanks to be more transparent and disclose who funds them (and for what).

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Think Tanks in Armenia: Who Needs their Thinking?

What does the think tank landscape in Armenia looks like? Yevgenya Paturyan provides insights into how connected these organisations are (you will be surprised). This is the third post from the series: Thinking about think tanks in the South Caucasus.

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The On Think Tanks interview: Pamela Kabaso, Director of the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research – ZIPAR

Pamela Kabasa, Executive Director of ZIPAR, discusses the challenges of establishing and developing a think tank that is relevant and can have a meaningful impact in a conservative society such as Zambia.

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A Tale of Two Think Tank Summits

José Luis Chicoma provides a comparative account of two recent think tank gatherings: the North American Think Tank Summit, held in Washington DC, and the G20 Think Tank Summit, held in Beijing. It offers excellent arguments in favour of intra and inter-regional collaboration and networking.

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Insights into the relationship between think tanks and policymakers

CSTEP, in India, has published the 4th edition of their Aditi Bulletin. Aditi deals with a number of interesting issues related to think tanks from the perspective of the South Asian region. It also offers an interesting effort from a research centre in a developing country to study think tanks and their environment -something that On Think Tanks has always advocated for.

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What makes a great city for think tanks?

What makes a city attract think tanks and encourage their formation? Is being close to centres of government a necessary condition? Bangalore, in India, offers an excellent case to study the factors that encourage think tank formation and development.

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Researching a murky subject: definitions, questions, and methods

On Think Tanks has launched an online conference on studying think tanks. This post reports on the pre-launch event in London in August 2015. It serves as a discussion article to inform the series of webinars and deals with the definition of think tanks, the questions that need to be asked about them, and the methods that could be used.

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What does impact mean for think tanks?

Think tanks in the UK, like academics and think tanks across the world, also need to think about impact. What is it and how can it be measured? Learn about what three leading think tanks do to address these questions

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Why Transparency Matters: the Think Tanks’ Perspective

Although advocating for think tank transparency may seem at first like a strenuous task, Transparify's work has been very much welcomed by many international organisations. In this post, Hans Gutbrod lists a series of responses to Transparify's work by think tankers from across the world.

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The On Think Tanks Interview: Tom Medvetz

Tom Medvetz presents a fresh and critical view of the role that think tanks play in a democracy, and how the level of the discussion they generate can, on a deeper level, reinforce the existing structures thus supporting the status quo. To regain credibility, think tanks should have to learn how to separate the policy world from the process of intellectual production.

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