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Corporate think tanks: experience, benefits and opportunities for young thinktankers

Corporate think tanks, being oriented towards demand-driven research, provide a distinct working experience to their young researchers. This post analyses what young researchers from prominent corporate Peruvian think tanks had to say about their workplaces and how their time there could be described as a crash-course in research methods.

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Making energy matters matter: entering the electoral field

Think tanks can play a critical role during election processes. For boutique think tanks, elections can present important opportunities to get their messages on their sector of expertise across. In this post Tutana Kvaratskhelia discusses how World Experience for Georgia plans to work during the upcoming elections to promote the use of evidence for policy in sustainable energy. This post is part of the Thinking about think tanks in the South Caucasus series.

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Latin American Think Tank Summit in Argentina

CIPPEC presents this year's Latin American Think Tanks Summit in Buenos Aires. The agenda includes a mix between a focus on key policy issues for the region as well as a focus on think tanks themselves and the relationships between each other.

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Are Think Tanks Undermining Australian Democracy?

Are think tanks undermining democracy? In this post Dr Glenn Savage, Senior Lecturer in Education Policy, University of Melbourne, argues that they can. This is a reminder that achieving influence is not, and should not, be an end in itself.

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Language and Audience: Common challenges demand common solutions

Policy research relevant for or published by South Caucasus think tanks if mostly published in English. This presents a communications challenge where English is not the first language. For the sixth post of the series Thinking about Think Tanks in the South Caucasus, series editor Dustin Gilbreath discusses a common problem identified across the series: the challenges of language and audience in the region.

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Do Think Tanks in Georgia Lobby for Foreign Powers?

Do think tanks promote independent policy research and critical thinking, or simply serve to push pre-defined policy agendas defined by their funders? While in in September 2014, the New York Times alleged that foreign donors were attempting to “buy influence” through the funding of think tanks in D.C., this post argues that US funders might be doing just that, and quite openly, in countries like Georgia. This is the fifth post from the Thinking about think tanks in the South Caucasus series.

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UK Think Tanks Reveal Who Funds Them as Sector Embraces Transparency

Think tanks in the UK are warming up to the idea of disclosing who funds them and for what, perhaps mirroring an ongoing trend from the United States and elsewhere. Till Bruckner discusses who is leading this trend and who has still to follow.

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The development of Azerbaijani think tanks and their role in public policy discourse

By formerly being under the influence of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan faced particular barriers and opportunities while its Western-like think tanks were developing. In this post, part of the Thinking about think tanks in the South Caucasus, Zaur Shiriyev discusses this challenges and explains how do they shape the think tank landscape in the country today

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Australian Think Tanks Least Transparent in the World, New Data Shows

Researchers from Transparify have just rated Australian think tanks as the least transparent in the world. This post discusses these findings and calls for Australian think tanks to be more transparent and disclose who funds them (and for what).

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Think Tanks in Armenia: Who Needs their Thinking?

What does the think tank landscape in Armenia looks like? Yevgenya Paturyan provides insights into how connected these organisations are (you will be surprised). This is the third post from the series: Thinking about think tanks in the South Caucasus.

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