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Learning about collaboration: The Exchange

Thinktankers from 10 centres will be meeting in Indonesia next week to work on collaborative projects and learn more about inter-regional collaboration between think tanks. This post presents some short reflections from the participants on their previous collaboration experiences.

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Think tank accountability: are they really just hired guns or is it slightly more complicated than that?

Questions over think tank foreign funding have opened the door to a very interesting debate in the US. Concerns for foreign funding are also present in developing countries -India being one example. In this blog post, Enrique Mendizabal argues that what matters most isn't the source of the funding but the conditions attached to it. Greater transparency could help address concerns.

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Think tanks are on the agenda in India: Skills, Scale and Speed

Think tanks find it difficult to fundraise in developing countries. Outside of the usual international development agencies, few domestic private funders exist. The new Indian Government offers new arguments in favour of funding think tanks that should be considered by think tanks and their supporters alike. If it is good for India (and China) ...

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And the winner is… A look at the Prospect Think Tank Awards 2014

Last Wednesday evening was the Oscars of the UK think tank world -- the Prospect Think Tank of the Year Award. Here's some quick analysis of the event and the winners.

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Lessons from Peer Reviewing among Think Tanks

This is the final post in the series edited by Andrea Ordoñez on a Peer Review System for the Think Tank Initiative in Latin America. The post outlines key conclusions and recommendations for future efforts as well as implications for initiatives beyond think tank peer reviews.

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Perspectives on the Peer Review Pilot

This blog is part of the series on peer review for think tanks. It has been edited by Andrea Ordóñez and in it she discusses the key points of the evaluation process whereby authors and reviewers assessed the pilot peer review system.

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A manifesto for research-policy funders: publish what you are funding and finding

There are many studies and projects being commissioned by think tank funders and think tanks themselves that aim to solve the same questions. Instead of working together they seem to be working in parallel -and in isolation from one another. In this post I propose a 6-point 'manifesto' for funders to 'sign' (and commit to). It should help save lots of money, encourage more research on these issues by think tanks themselves, and nurture a culture of co-prodution of knowledge.

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(Re)Creating a culture of peer review

Patricia Ames, Research Director at the Institute of Peruvian Studies has written about recreating a culture of peer reviews in a think tank. Her post is part of a series edited by Andrea Ordoñez, about a new peer review mechanism for think tanks that the Think Tank initiative has piloted recently. Patricia considers the different reactions to peer review demands that researchers often express.

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Peer review and training of young researchers

This blog is part of the series on peer review for think tanks. It was written by Horacio Vera, a young researcher at INESAD, who had his paper peer reviewed in the process. He reflects on how the process supported his research capacity. It has been edited by Andrea Ordoñez.

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Is Research from Think Tanks Really Different?

Andrea Ordoñez has edited a series about a new peer review mechanism for think tanks that the Think Tank initiative has piloted recently. She has produced a series of posts that explore the approach, consider possible lessons learned, and outlines recommendations for future efforts. In this post, Andrea outlines the key findings from a survey they conducted to inform the pilot. She finds that think tanks are more traditional than one would have expected.

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