December 2, 2015


New Aditi Bulletin: Insights into the relationship between think tanks and policymakers

CSTEP, in India, has published the 4th edition of their Aditi Bulletin. Aditi deals with a number of interesting issues related to think tanks from the perspective of the South Asian region.

It also offers an interesting effort from a research centre in a developing country to study think tanks and their environment -something that On Think Tanks has always advocated for.

The latest issue includes the following content, all worth a read:


Innovate More: North America’s New Development Mantra by Ravi S Jha, Senior Public Policy Administrator, Toronto, Canada

Policy Making: A Serious Matter by Dr. Annapoorna Ravichander, Head CPE, CSTEP and Arushi Sen, Senior Communications Officer, CSTEP

Policymakers: Unravelling a Heterogeneous World by Vanesa Weyrauch, Co-founder, Politics&Ideas and Leandro Echt, Member en Politics & Ideas: A Think Net and On Think Tanks

Case Studies

Best Public Policy is Achieved Through Dialogue: Rural Dialogue Group’s Experience in Latin America by Juan Fernández Labbé, Researcher and coordinator Unit M&E, Rimisp-Centro Latinoamericano para el Desarrollo Rural

Research, Relevance and Stress-testing Recommendations by Richard Darlington , Head of Strategic Advocacy, Well Told Story