On Think Tanks’ first COVID-19 survey

15 June 2020

The first On Think Tanks (OTT) survey on the impact of COVID-19 on think tanks was carried out between 7 April and 25 May 2020. It was a short pilot survey intended to provide us with a rapid assessment of how think tanks have been affected by the pandemic, and how they have responded in the early months of the crisis. Further surveys will be carried out to track the crisis development and its effects on think tanks across the world. 

In total, 138 individuals responded. Most respondents work for a think tank or a policy research body. Other respondents included independent researchers, funders and service providers. Among those working for a think tank or policy research organisation, most of the respondents were members of senior leadership, including the board. Respondents cover all continents. We do not expect this sample to be representative of all think tanks in each region, but the survey responses do coincide with what we are hearing from the think tank communities we engage with regularly through other channels.  

Download the report.