Revitalising Indonesia’s Knowledge Sector for Development Policy: the diagnostics

23 February 2012

A few months ago I wrote about this interesting programme by AusAid in Indonesia. Here is a site with all the diagnostic studies they undertook. The programme is a good idea but I’d like to focus your attention on the range of studies undertaken. It would be fantastic if all donors did this BEFORE funding any policy research programme (large or small) in a country. These studies should inform all future policy research work in Indonesia -they should act as a sort of baseline (with more specific ones required for policy research programmes in particular sectors). From the programme page:

The proposed ‘Revitalising Indonesia’s Knowledge Sector for Development Policy‘ program aims to enable Indonesian policy-makers to make contestable, evidence-informed decisions on how best to spend national budgetary resources in ways that help the poor. It will support the domestic supply of knowledge products to inform policy, as well as the ability of decision makers to use those products to inform their policy choices.

Design document

Diagnostics documents

More information

Draft program design document and diagnostics for Revitalising Indonesia’s Knowledge Sector for Development Policy program