#TTmethods – Session 3: Quantitative Survey Analysis

21 October 2015
SERIES Methods for researching think tanks 6 items

October 21st 2015; 1pm BST – Session 3: Quantitative Survey Analysis by Courtney Tolmie (Results for Development Institute)

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You can also view the last webinars on Case studies, qualitative methods and diachronic perspectives or on Social Network Analysis. And you can also catch-up with the Pre-launch event held in London in August.

The objective of quantitative survey analysis is to leverage large comparable datasets to identify trends in think tank characteristics, actions, and exogenous factors. “Analysis” here is used to represent a set of methods that can be used to analyze large datasets, including regression analysis and even running summary statistics. This is an important set of methods to discuss, especially in think tank research, because there have been limited opportunities to analyse quantitative comparable data on think tanks at a large scale. Quantitative survey analysis gives researchers the potential to investigate the generalisability of findings that may initially be identified in comparative case studies or other qualitative techniques but that cannot be assessed at scale due to the limited number of cases that are often researched when using case study methodologies.

This method was used to study the relationship between think tanks and their context.

For more information on this method: Quantitative Survey Analysis

You can view the presentation here: