Women in Think Tanks: The Interviews

31 July 2016
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At On Think Tanks, we’ve had the opportunity to interview several women working in think tanks around the world. Here is a selection of what they have to say:

Laura Zommer (part 1)
Director of Communications at CIPPEC, Argentina
Interviewed by Leandro Echt
Part 2, Part 3

Priyanthi Fernando
Executive Director of CEPA, Sri Lanka

Interviewed by Nayana Godamunne

Mónica Galilea
Former Director of Communications at CADEP, Paraguay

Interviewed by Leandro Echt

Julia Day
Impact, Communication and Engagement Manager at the STEPS Centre
, UK
Interviewed by Jeff Knezovich

Sandra Polonia Rios
Director of the Centro de Estudos de Integração e Desenvolvimento (CINDES), Brazil
Interviewed by Clara Richards

Lykke Andersen
First (and former) Director at INESAD, Bolivia, and
Carolina Cardona
Junior Researcher at INESAD, Bolivia
Interviewed by Andrea Moncada

Carmen Rosa Graham
Board member of Interbank, Fundación Backus and Ferreyros S.A.A, Perú, and
Fabiola Leon Velarde
Rector of Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Perú
Interviewed by Andrea Moncada

Leonora Merry
Deputy Director of Communications for Health at the Nuffield Trust, UK
Interviewed by Jeff Knezovich

Petra Edina Reszkető and Anna Orosz
Budapest Institute, Hungary
Interviewed by Jeff Knezovich

Roxana Barrantes
Director of the IEP, Peru
Interviewed by Leandro Echt

Cynthia Sanborn
Director of Universidad del Pacífico’s research centre (CIUP), Perú, and
María Balarín
Associate Researcher at the Grupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo (GRADE), Perú
Interviewed by Meghan Froehner

Raquel Zelaya Rosales
President of the Board of Directors and former Executive Secretary of ASIES, Guatemala
Interviewed by Leandro Echt

Pamela Kabaso
Director of the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR), Zambia
Interviewed by Will Paxton

Rohini Nilekani
Founder and Chairperson of Arghyam, India

Interviewed by Anapoorna Ravichander and Enrique Mendizabal

Euphrasia Mapulanga
Knowledge Manager at the  Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR), Zambia
Interviewed by Will Paxton

Carolin Gomulia
Head of Communications and Strategy at the Institute of Justice and Reconciliation, South Africa

Interviewed by Tiffany Mugo

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