2024 National Evaluation Capacities Conference

Event type Conference
Location Beijing, China
Start date 14 October 2024
End date 18 October 2024

The 2024 National Evaluation Capacity (NEC) Conference is the eighth in the series of NEC conferences organized by the Independent Evaluation Office of UNDP (UNDP-IEO). The 2024 conference will focus on Responsive Evaluation, giving renewed emphasis to sharing progress and lessons learned in strengthening national evaluation systems, how these systems are essential for countries to achieve the SDGs and other development goals, and how new technologies and approaches in evaluation can facilitate the achievement of these.

The 2024 NEC conference once again offers Government representatives at all levels, private sector, civil society, academia, United Nation’s agencies and other international organizations and opportunity to share progress, lessons, innovations, experiences, and perspectives in strengthening national monitoring and evaluation systems.

Discussions strengthen the understanding for the demand and need for responsive and resilient national evaluation capacities development, while also offering an opportunity to enhance the skills of those commissioning, conducting, using, and advocating for evaluation, whilst also foster existing and new partnerships to strengthen national evaluation systems, with an emphasis on South-South Cooperation.

This year’s sessions will be organized around three intersecting strands:

  • Building Strong National Systems and Ensuring Use: What is needed to build, integrate, and maintain and influential, listened to and used National Evaluation System?
  • Evaluating Complexity, Inclusion and citizens voice, Alternative Knowledge pathways: How can we look beyond Government to Strengthen the knowledge used to inform evaluations and strengthen Government Decision making?
  • Innovative Approaches, synthesis and knowledge management, Adopting Technologies: How can we ensure National evaluation Systems are future ready, informed by and adopting new and emerging technologies for evaluation.