East Africa Grantmakers Summit “Strategic Philanthropy in a Dynamic Era”

Organised by East Africa Grantmakers
Event type Conference
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Start date 8 July 2024
End date 9 July 2024

This summit is designed to facilitate substantial connections and collaborations, providing an excellent opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals who share a commitment to grantmaking excellence. It offers a conducive environment to deepen your learning from geographical and peer-related perspectives, enhancing your ability to implement effective strategies within your work. Furthermore, the event is ideal for strengthening existing relationships and cultivating new partnerships. You will also explore critical issues facing the sector presently, understanding what is at stake and how to navigate these challenges effectively. This will entail:

(i) Assessing

This encompasses a thorough evaluation of the current environment. Grantmakers will systematically review existing initiatives, measuring their impact and relevance against the setting of global shifts and local needs. This involves leveraging data and analytics to gain insights into current models’ effectiveness and identify areas necessitating strategic recalibration.

(ii) Architecting

This will involve deliberately designing and structuring resilient and adaptable strategies to the dynamic global context. Grantmakers will explore innovative giving models, collaborative ventures, and integrative strategies emphasizing sustainability, equity, and systemic impact here. The summit will act as a collaborative forum for ideating and crafting these strategic frameworks, drawing on rich global best practices and innovative case studies to guide the architectural process.

(iii) Advancing

This focuses on the practical implementation and scaling of these strategically designed initiatives. It will entail moving beyond conceptual frameworks to execute actionable plans to achieve measurable and sustainable outcomes. Grantmakers will explore methodologies for effectively operationalizing and scaling strategic initiatives during the summit.