Ghana Civil Society Forum

Organised by Ghana Civil Society Forum
Event type Conference
Location Accra, Ghana
Start date 25 June 2024
End date 26 June 2024

The 2024 Ghana Civil Society Forum will bring together all CSOs/NGOs/CBOs and Social Movements in Ghana.

The forum will focus on how civil society will collectively respond to and shape the emerging trends and issues towards a more resilient, effective and inclusive sector capable of contributing to transformative change.

The forum’s purpose is to nurture and strengthen networking and coordinated actions within the civil society sector for enhanced sustainability and effectiveness of civil society actors in Ghana.  

The specific objectives of GCSF’24 are:

  1. To develop an inclusive mechanism and spaces, for improving the coordination and collaboration amongst CSOs (within the CS sector?) around salient issues and or developing strategies, systems or platforms that support the collective and sustainable development of the civil society sector in Ghana.
  2. To provide a platform for networking and knowledge sharing among CSAs.
  3. To create an environment where participants can engage on the challenges that the civil society sector in Ghana will face in the foreseeable future, and cocreate solutions for these.