May 31, 2018


Outcome Mapping training

Southern Hemisphere – Johannesburg, South Africa
start date: June 18, 2018 end date: June 19, 2018

Southern Hemisphere’s Outcome Mapping course will be run in Johannesburg on 18 – 19 June 2018. We hope that you will join us on this new and exciting training workshop.

The objective of this course is to:

  • Clarify “complexity” and “systems” concepts for use in planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Introduce and apply the tools of Outcome Mapping
  • Critically assess if and how these concepts and tools could be useful in your work

The training will provide a space for development practitioners to learn from each other by sharing knowledge and experiences.


Participant will learn how they can:

  • Identify and deliver diversified strategies
  • Clarify and measure intended outcomes
  • Locate and measure outcomes that emerge unexpectedly
  • Have an understanding of the importance of integrating monitoring and evaluation from the planning stage
  • Involve stakeholders in all processes
  • Foster organisational learning, and
  • Track and report on the complex processes of social change

Participants will leave the course with a very practical understanding of Outcome Mapping.


To achieve these outcomes, full participation is required. Dynamic adult education methods are used to stimulate learning.


R 5,400 (including VAT) per participant.

This includes training, course materials, tea, coffees and lunches during the training.

For more information about this course or other courses and webinars, please contact [email protected].