June 21, 2017


Webinar series on planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning

Southern Hemisphere – Online
start date: June 28, 2017 end date: November 22, 2017

Are you looking to broaden and sharpen your working knowledge of planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning? Our webinars aim to simplify the terms and concepts in a way that is concise, combining both theory and practice.

At Southern Hemisphere, we conceptualise planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning as a cycle – beginning with defining your project or programme, then measuring, learning and improving. We have structured the webinar series around these segments.

Module 1: Define

The first step in good project cycle management is having a strong concept, design and plan. This module covers these topics.

Module 2: Measure

Measurement is the process of data collection and management. This includes designing good indicators, developing an evaluation framework and data collection techniques and evaluation approaches.

Module 3 Learn

The learning module includes how to think like an evaluator and how to analyse and report in a way that is useful for programme improvement.

Module 4: Improve

The last module covers improvement. It is essential that the lessons that we learn through monitoring and evaluation are used not only for accountability, but also for improvement – proving and improving.

When? Every last Wednesday of each month at 3.00 p.m. CEST.

Duration: 45 Minutes

Cost: Free introductory webinar (on 28 June). Fee thereafter: R395 per webinar

Refer to the table below for module details for the next 6 months. This year, we will cover define and measure. We will cover learn and improve next year.

Name of webinar

More details




Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning & the Project Cycle


· What drives PMEL?

· Why Planning?

· The Project Cycle

· The Evidence Cycle

· Adaptive management

· Continuous improvement

Dena Lomofsky

28 June (free webinar)



Overview of different programme  design and planning tools


· Good principles for programme design and planning

· Different design and planning frameworks and the benefits and challenges of each

· Using evidence for design and planning

Wilma Wessels-Ziervogel 26 July


Theory of Change

· Overview of Theory of Change – The product and the process

· Theory of change and dealing with complexity

· Steps in the Theory of Change Process

· Benefits and challenges

Tracey Phillips 23 August



Development a monitoring and evaluation plan

· Designing strong objectives (activities, outputs, outcomes)

· Indicators

· Data sources

· Data collection methods

· Learning questions

Nana Davies 27 September


Electronic MEL systems

· Overview of the different options

· Benefits and challenges of different systems

· Considerations for your organisation when selecting a system

· Institutional arrangements

Rob Worthington 25 October


Evaluation design

· Evaluation criteria

· Evaluation frameworks (e.g. Realist, empowerment, user focused)

· Evaluation approaches and methods (e.g. outcomes harvesting, mixed methods)

· How to design an evaluation framework

Mark Abrahams 22 November

Tickets are available on www.quicket.co.za or email Pippa on [email protected]