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Fellowship Programme

Periodically, On Think Tanks opens its doors to young and promising think tank leaders to co-develop a new global leadership paradigm.

What does it involve?

The traditional ways in which organisations have been set-up and are managed are being challenged by new generations who demand greater flexibility, innovation, transparency, staff care, to name a few.

How can we, collectively and wisely, respond to these demands and embrace new ways of leading think tanks?

During the one-year collaborative OTT Fellowship programme you will:

1. Develop a learning and personal development plan

Plans focus on three main fields, inspired by Acumen’s approach to leadership: moral imagination, operational expertise and financial experience. Plans will be shared among the group, enabling a joint path of discovery and support towards change. Plans will be reviewed and supported by mentoring from On Think Tanks School experts.

2. Participate in capacity building activities

Fellows will be able to join the courses offered by OTTS that are relevant to their own plans: this will give fellows the opportunity to be exposed to new ideas and the experiences of others.

3. Collectively develop a new leadership paradigm

Guided by mentors and through a provoking set of virtual discussions related to their personal paths as well as relevant readings, the cohort of Fellows will co-produce actionable methods and ideas to inform the development of a new leadership paradigm for think tanks. To this end, we will apply the human centred design methodology so as to enable a collective creation and ensure that outputs are relevant and useful.

At the end of the year-long On Think Tanks Fellowship Programme, Fellows will possess the skills and knowledge necessary to launch themselves into a path towards a new kind of leadership. They will have the confidence to set-up new think tanks or transform existing ones. Fellows will also contribute to the formation of future generations of leaders.

What we expect from you

We expect Fellows to actively engage in the process and share their progress and reflections with their peers and with the wider thinktanking community through On Think Tanks. Fellows will receive direct support from On Think Tanks’ Editor to publish, at least, bi-monthly articles on the platform.

At On Think Tanks we believe that sharing our experiences and knowledge is the best contribution that we can make to support a global community of think tanks and policy entrepreneurs.

Fellows will also be expected to keep up-to-date learning journals (based on their learning plans) and join monthly online group discussions with their mentors.

At the end of the fellowship programme they will co-produce new methods and tools and work together to improve how future fellows and thinktankers are supported.

Join our Alumni network

The Fellows who complete the programme will join On Think Tanks growing community of associates, collaborators, and partners. You will be able to draw from your peer advice and support for years to come.

How to apply?

Applications must include:

  • Your Resume/CV, in English with contact information
  • Applicant statement of interest
  • One professional reference

Application Instructions.
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