Research Support Service – Rapid request

24 January 2024

Do you need rapid research support on questions or topics relevant to your work?

Perhaps you need a quick review of the literature on an emerging issue for your team, your team has a last-minute event to prepare for, or you’re short-staffed during a critical period – submit your support request here.

OTT offers its partners long term rapid research support to address these and other information and insights needs. Read more about other RSS partnership packages.

But if for now you’re just looking for a one-off support, submit your request below.

We’ve streamlined the request process, understanding that third party support should mean less work for you, not more.


  • Cost-effective remote research support
  • Quick responses tailored to your time constraints
  • Tap into OTT’s global think tank community
  • Outputs tailored to your communication style and specific needs.


We have in-house expertise across a number of policy areas and trusted consultants working across many more. Our specialist areas include:

  • Development policy and finance
  • Education
  • Evidence generation and use
  • Organisational development
  • Grantee programme design and implementation.


Let us know what you need and we can deliver it. Examples of past outputs include:

  • Briefing documents on topics of interest
  • Pre-and-post event briefings
  • Key reading summaries
  • Literature reviews

How it works

  1. Submit your rapid request using the form below
  2. We will get back to you within 1-working day with a quote and any clarifying questions
  3. We will send you the output by the agreed deadline

The Research Support Service is managed by our Senior Associate Emma Broadbent, who works with a team of qualified associates and consultants from around the world.

We understand that you’re contacting us because you don’t have a lot of time, so we’re committed to keeping the transaction time to a minimum. If we require additional information from you, we will follow up via email or telephone, depending on your preference.