Facilitation of Education Research Funders Consortium

OTT is a global consultancy and platform for change. We support and strengthen the work of research organisations, foundations, governments and non-governmental organisations in support of better-informed decision making.

Throughout early 2022, OTT collaborated with Echidna Giving, Imaginable Futures, the Gates Foundation and Porticus to organise a Forum for Education Research in/for/by Africa:

The Forum created space for the African education research community to share ideas, generate insights and identify promising ways to support quality research in the region. There was a clear shared vision around what participants would like to see in 10 years: African researchers and practitioners driving the agenda!

OTT is now facilitating the development of a Consortium of funders that will take these recommendations forward.  The process should help address many of the questions that the Consortium of funders have in relation to structural challenges and practical solutions to deliver their shared vision.

OTT will:

  • Host quarterly calls
  • Provide background research and evidence to support collective decision-making
  • Document progress towards the Consortium’s goals
  • Facilitate a discussion on the long-term model and strategy for the Consortium


October 2022 to December 2023


Enrique Mendizabal

Oluwabusayomi Sotunde

Stephanie Nicolle

Marcela  Morales

Jessica Correa


Echidna Giving


$139,868 USD