November 23, 2022


Data for Accountability Project II

Comprehensive data for monitoring the progress of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) implementation is crucial for parliaments to make decisions and provide oversight to ensure no one is left behind.

Data for Accountability II (DAP II) brings together the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) and Parliament of Ghana in a collaboration led by the African Centre for Parliamentary Affairs (ACEPA). The project aims to support Parliament improve the quality of life of the Ghanaian population through evidence, using data to inform decision-making and oversee progress towards the SDGs. The collaboration between Parliament and GSS is one of the first of its kind in the African region in the global context of increased interest in the use of statistics in legislatures.

Funded by Hewlett Foundation and led by the African Centre for Parliamentary Affairs, DAP II builds on the work of DAP I (2019 – 2021). 

OTT is a learning partner supporting the ‘field building’ component of the DAP Theory of Change and Learning Plan. OTT provides technical and communications support to help the implementing team identify key learning questions, and to produce and share key external-focused learning pieces from the project.


September 2022 to November 2024


Emily Hayter and Emmeline Henderson


Hewlett Foundation


48,972 USD