February 15, 2021


Rapid Responsive Evidence Partnership (RREP) Monitoring and Evaluation for IDRC

Project brief

The Rapid & Responsive Evidence Partnership (RREP) supports 11 country teams in low- and middle-income countries to promote and facilitate the use of research evidence to inform decision-making by policymakers and stakeholders across sectors.

OTT will develop and collaboratively co-create a MEL framework and implementation strategy to monitor and evaluate the progress and outcomes of the RREP. The approach involves reviewing the MEL needs of the donor agencies, 11 RREP country teams and the 3 synergy support teams, modelling and integrating the RREP’s three partnership values – equity, co-creation, and commitment – into the design.

OTT is designing an innovative open MEL design process to facilitate engagement by all parties throughout the process and, at the same time, meet the partnership’s deadlines.


February to April 2021


  • Julie LaFrance
  • Dena Lomofsky
  • Vanessa Weyrauch
  • Chloe Duffy

Funder and budget

Funding is provided by IDRC

Total budget is CAD 61,172 in fees.