October 8, 2018


Strategic support to Centro Regional de Estudios de Energía (Cernergía)

Project Brief

The Centro Regional de Estudios de Energía (Cernergía) is a Colombian think tank created in 2018. OTT supports Cernergía in:

  • The design of a sustainable business model (which would promote growth and impact in the short and medium term); and
  • The design of an effective governance scheme (which strengthens independence and promotes an efficient management of the organisation).

The project involves:

  • A field visit to collect the perspectives of different stakeholders (both internal and external actors familiarised with the energy sector);
  • A review of relevant models worldwide; and
  • A report with recommendations for the Assembly and the Board.

Project Dates

From 09 to 11/2018

OTT Consulting Team

  • Leandro Echt (lead)
  • Enrique Mendizabal (support)

Funders and funding

Centro Regional de Estudios de Energía,

Total funding (not including travel): USD5,073