March 22, 2017


Our Approach

OTT Consulting brings together the principles that guide On Think Tanks with the practical experience of our team members and associates to deliver the best advice possible to our partners and clients. Our work combines initiatives designed and implemented by us as well as demand-led projects.

Demand-led projects

Often, we are approached by policymakers, think tanks and their supporters and thinktankers with specific questions and requests for support. If we can do this over an email or a Skype call we will not hesitate to help. We can also point them towards content in On Think Tanks or direct them to an expert or service out there. If we believe there is a better source of advice we will help them find it.

Sometimes, however, these requests turn into projects and programmes which can be delivered as consultancies. OTT Consulting Ltd provides a vehicle to deliver them.

From time to time, too, we will bid for a project that meets our own principles and criteria.

Our initiatives

Our initiatives, too, are opportunities to address a demand -even if we have not been asked for them directly.  In some cases, OTT Consulting Ltd provides a vehicle to deliver them in others they will be delivered from On Think Tanks or through partnerships with other institutions.

Our team

Our team is spread around the world. We will engage with them depending on their knowledge, skills and availability. You can read more about them here:

Our principles

In general we pursue the following principles in all our projects:

  1. We tell you about our work. We will tell you what projects we are working on and for whom. This means that we will disclose any views, interests and positions we hold with past, current and future clients.
  2. We share lessons with you. We will always share, at the very least, lessons from the projects. For initiatives we have designed, you can be sure that we will share everything. For consultancies we will always include a learning component and/or a provision in the contract to share lessons learned from the project. We will always encourage our clients to do the same. With believe in learning together.
  3. We do our best to deliver what our partners and clients need rather than what we are comfortable with. We will always spend time up-front discussing our partners’ and clients’ needs. It is in nobody’s interest to cut corners at this stage.

Get in touch

If you would like help from us, get in touch.