March 22, 2017


Our Services

The members of the OTT Consulting Team include experts in all aspects of the evidence informed policymaking field. Our team is based across the world and we can therefore provide context specific advice.

We undertake research and evaluation, offer learning services, design and deliver engagement opportunities, and provide strategic support and advice.

We work with policymaking bodies, foundations, bilateral and multilateral agencies, universities, policy research centres or think tanks, networks and the private sector to understand and promote the appropriate generation, communication and use of evidence to inform decisions of public interest.

We can, among other things:

  • Undertake studies of the political economy and social and cultural aspects of the generation, communication and use of evidence in an organisation, sector  or country.
  • Help organisations develop approaches to identify, assess and use credible evidence for decision making.
  • Carryout evaluations and institutional assessments of policy research organisations and funding or support programmes.
  • Undertake health checks: organisational, communications, research capacity, M&E, and transparency and integrity.
  • Facilitate strategic planning processes for organisations, programmes, teams and projects.
  • Help design and set-up new think tanks or policy research centres or networks -and even facilitate them.
  • Develop bespoke training programmes and courses on evidence informed policy and policy entrepreneurship.
  • Help develop and deliver fundraising, research and communication strategies.
  • Work with both grantees and funders to develop the most appropriate Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning framework for all.
  • Undertake research on political knowledge regimes, research systems, think tanks, their challenges, etc.
  • Evaluate and review funders’ strategies and their grantees to help inform future support efforts.
  • Design and produce public policy and think tank events (series, ideally) and learning conferences.
  • Mentor think tank leaders and future leaders.

Find out more by reviewing our projects.