January 19, 2017


Evolving Think Tanks Series 2017


Register for the short course, Re-thinking funding models, starts August 22.

Promoting real change within your funding model usually implies moving out of your comfort zone. This might mean creating a new narrative to encourage others to invest in your work or offering a  new service or product. It might also mean developing new skills to negotiate and interact with stakeholders. This short course will help you identify what you need to do to strengthen your organisation’s sustainability.

This course offers a comprehensive overview of potential avenues to make an organisation financially viable without compromising its vision. It will also help participants understand how different funding models affect an think tank’s core functions and what they require in terms of management and strategic planning.

Vanesa Weyrauch and Leandro Echt, trainers

The On Think Tanks School offers series of short and long courses especially tailored for the think tank community.

These courses draw from over a decade of research and practice from experts on the role of evidence in policy, think tanks, and civil society organisations.

The series has been put together by Vanesa Weyrauch, Director of the On Think Tanks School, and co-funder of Politics & Ideas.

Check out the Evolving Think Tanks Short Course Series 2017

This year, the series includes 7 short courses:

Check out our new short course: Using video to communicate policy research

Check out the Evolving Think Tanks Long Course Series 2017

This long course series includes 4 courses:

  • Re-thinking think tanks’ funding models
  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning about policy influence: how to get some certainty amidst all the complexity
  • Doing policy relevant research
  • Communicating for policy impact

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