February 4, 2018


Strategic communications for research and policy 

The series will follow the same approach as in 2017 – units which participants can take independently or as part of a series:  

  1. Communication teams and audiences 
  2. How to combine channels 
  3. Digital communications 
  4. Design 
  5. Podcasts 
  6. Writing long-form 
  7. Events 
  8. Strategy writing and M&E

Upon registering, participants will receive: 

  • A welcome pack with information about the entire series. 
  • An invitation to a life webinar per unit delivered by one or two experts. 
  • Access to an online forum to discuss the course’ content with other participants and the OTT School team. 
  • An invitation to receive a certificate of completion. To receive this certificate, participants will have to complete a personal exercise which will be revised by the trainer. This will require an additional fee. 

Read more and register. Course starts May 15.