Board Member

Rethink Priorities Board Member
Location Remote
Application deadline 9 June 2024
Contract type Fixed term
Hours Part-time
Salary 40 dollars per hour
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Rethink Priorities is looking for new members (paid and unpaid, multiple positions) to join its Board of Directors!

About Rethink Priorities

Founded in 2018, Rethink Priorities (RP) is a nonprofit organization that addresses global priorities—important and neglected issues—by researching solutions and strategies, mobilizing resources, and empowering our team and others. RP’s mission is to generate the most significant possible impact for others in the present and the long-term future.

Our cause areas include animal welfare, global health and development, climate change, artificial intelligence, and other work to safeguard a flourishing long-term future. RP also aims to understand and support the professional communities working on these issues. Each researcher tends to focus on one particular cause area.

About the Role

We are looking for 2-3 highly experienced individuals to join our Board of Directors, specifically those who have demonstrated leadership in large non-profit (and/or for-profit) organizations or consultancies and have a strong background in strategic planning.

We offer the option of a paid role (10-15 hours a week, 40 USD per hour) and an unpaid role (3-10 hours a month). This role is fully remote and we welcome applicants from all time zones. For paid board members who may be hired as part-time employees – we expect to be legally able to hire in many countries.

Rethink Priorities Board’s primary function is to provide oversight in financial and legal matters, CEO evaluation, and the advancement of RP’s mission. We aim to enhance our Board’s collective expertise in organizational management, nonprofit governance, funding networks and strategic oversight. We are particularly interested in members with experience in global health and development and animal welfare. We are also open to considering applicants with experience/ understanding related to normative ethics (especially applied ethics) or significant experience in organizational leadership.


Specific responsibilities

Paid board members are usually expected to own the relatively more time-consuming work that is necessary for the Board to complete the following key responsibilities. In contrast, unpaid board members will mostly weigh in on critical decisions, or items that we require outstanding judgment on, or for some particular domain-specific issues.

Overall, Board members’ key responsibilities are providing financial, legal and CEO oversight and ensuring the adherence and advancement of Rethink Priorities’ mission. This includes:

  • Advising on the strategic plan of Rethink Priorities
  • Reviewing progress towards Rethink Priorities’ goals
  • Conducting risk assessment of the organization’s activities and programs, ensuring that risks aren’t negatively impacting strategy
  • Advising, in a big-picture sense, on Rethink Priorities’ key programs

Board members must:

  • Attend at least 3 of 4 quarterly meetings annually
  • Check their email and/or Slack regularly
  • Commit to Rethink Priorities’ mission
  • Abide by applicable HR-related, communication, and other policies
  • Be collaborative, supportive, and open-minded

Further expectations of Board members:

  • Maintain confidentiality, be an exemplar of engagement, and support an atmosphere of openness and trust
  • Be responsible for the behavior and performance of the Board
  • Provide big-picture guidance and support Rethink Priorities’ CEO
  • Establish the code of ethics for the Board and CEO, including policies related to private inurement and conflict of interest, and set the tone for organizational behavior
  • Establish the end results the CEO is assigned to achieve, and define any limitations on the means the CEO can use or any functions the CEO must perform
  • Evaluate the CEO based on achievement of the end results and compliance with predefined limitations or requirements
  • Monitor financial and operational performance
  • Receive the audit report Serve as the last court of appeal within the organization
  • Support the organization by garnering resources and advisors and assisting with fundraising
  • Serve as the organization’s ambassador to other agencies, funders and potential funders and the general community


Skills and experience

  • Experience in leadership roles within large nonprofits, consultancy, or other large organizational environments (including for-profit organizations).
  • Expertise in strategic planning, people management, and/or (nonprofit) governance.
  • Strong communication and decision-making skills.
  • A commitment to Rethink Priorities’ mission and values.
  • Expertise in navigating global health and development funding networks or animal welfare funding networks is a key consideration. We are also open, instead, to applicants with exceptional expertise in philosophy, especially normative ethics and applied ethics. Or in leadership/consultancy in nonprofit or for-profit organizations.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Prior consulting experience.
  • Familiarity with research methodologies.
  • Familiarity with risk management.