Consultant for Integrity Risk Assessment

Basel Institute on Governance
Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Application deadline 1 February 2023
Contract type Consultancy
Hours Full-time
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The Basel Institute on Governance is an international and independent not-for-profit organisation working worldwide with the public and private sectors to counter corruption and other financial crimes and to improve the quality of governance. As a Swiss foundation with headquarters in Basel, the Basel Institute maintains field operations in Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America. The Basel Institute is an Associated Institute of the University of Basel.


The USAID Indonesia Integrity Initiative (USAID INTEGRITAS) is a corruption prevention programme in Indonesia. The initiative provides support to the country’s efforts to prevent corruption by increasing community engagement and strengthening a culture of integrity and accountability in both the public and private sectors. A focus is on preventing Conflict of Interest (COI) in procurement and licencing in the natural resources sector.


The Indonesian SOE is a holding company engaged in the forestry sector that has shown serious initiative and enthusiasm in strengthening its good corporate governance (GCG) system. One of the strategic tools in this strengthening is the identification of potential corruption or potential fraud through an Integrity Risk Assessment (IRA). The consultant will apply the Basel Institute’s specially designed IRA methodology to map the processes within the organisation, analyse the extent of fraud risks and the effectiveness of associated controls, analyse the severity and impact of risks, and develop mitigation measures.


Application Interested applicants should submit an expression of interest of not more than three pages, outlining:

  • Their relevant experience for the assignment;
  • The steps and activities they would undertake in order to execute the assignment
  • An indicative workplan
  • Any clarifications they would wish to seek from the Basel Institute prior to executing the assignment.

Expert CVs should be provided separately and limited to two pages each. Please submit applications to [email protected] no later than 18:00 CET on 1 February 2023. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.