Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies Editor
Location Remote
Application deadline 18 November 2022
Contract type Fixed term
Hours Full-time
Salary To be determined based on experience.
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Founded in 2014, the Sana’a Center is one of the few independent research centers that has continued to operate in Yemen throughout the ongoing conflict. While the Center maintains cordial relations with all key stakeholders, it has remained fiercely unaligned with any of the belligerent parties.

The Sana’a Center has thus maintained a unique position and the ability to work throughout Yemen and beyond. The Center maintains a strong network across Yemen with access to key political, military and security figures, tribal leaders, the financial sector, economists, journalists, humanitarian actors, civil society, and other important stakeholders.

The Center has also established a broad network and presence within the international community, connecting it to international organizations, diplomatic circles, regional and international policymakers, research centers and global forums. The Sana’a Center’s reports and researchers are widely quoted in local, regional, and international media outlets, while the analysis of the Center’s experts is regularly sought out by local and international stakeholders.

The role

The Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies seeks a full-time editor to focus primarily on economic-related publications.

As the successful candidate for the full-time editor position, you will play a central role in all aspects of the production cycle, collaborating with other members of the editorial, economic, research, and senior management teams. You will work immediately under the chief editor, editing articles, policy briefs, and papers for publication, helping writers develop and structure ideas, and posting finished articles online.

We are a dynamic, highly mobile, multi-lingual team with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Our main office is in Yemen, while most of our team works remotely from locations across the country, around the Middle East, and in Western capitals. Among our core strengths are our versatility, access, networks, and audacity. We seek new team members who would complement this dynamic.

Key roles and responsibilities

As an editor, you will be expected to perform all reasonable and appropriate tasks to assist the production cycle of the Sana’a Center’s editorial department, as per the direction of the chief editor and in close cooperation with fellow editors, senior management, the economic unit, researchers, and writers.

Specific tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Rewriting copy and structural and stylistic editing improves the clarity of meaning and argument.
  • Copyediting for grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation in line with the in-house style guide.
  • Helping writers develop and structure ideas.
  • Compiling research and consulting with the centre’s in-house experts.
  • Line-editing, proofreading, and fact-checking.
  • Posting articles online.

Experience and skills


  • A proven background in economics.
  • Editorial solid experience, particularly in structural editing and/or report writing; experience in English-language journalism and research will also be considered.

Other Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience collaborating with researchers on all stages of a publication’s development, including ideation, the development of proposals, research, and editing.
  • A strong background in Yemen and/or the Gulf region.
  • Fluency in Arabic.

Editorial-Specific Skills:

  • A command of English that goes well beyond grammar and vocabulary.
  • An intuitive sense of how the arrangement of words impacts their reception and the ability to craft them appropriately for the audience at hand.
  • In editing others, identify and strip away the language habits, confusion, bias, and ego that can blur the message.
  • The ability to properly structure a sound argument at 5,000 words or more.
  • The ability to work remotely.
  • The ability to travel periodically for Sana’a Center events.