On Think Tanks and Southern Voice Research assistant
Application deadline 30 October 2019
Contract type Consultancy
Hours Part-time
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On Think Tanks (OTT) and Southern Voice (SV) are partnering to undertake a mapping of research and evidence entities worldwide to update the Open Think Tank Directory. The directory is an open database of research institutes and related organisations that generate evidence to inform policy and practice. It currently features information on more than 2,600 organisations from around the world and includes information as their names, websites description, thematic areas of focus, names of founders and leaders, social media profiles among others.

On Think Tanks (OTT) is a global platform dedicated to study, support policy research centres around the world and helps strengthens policymaking. OTT provides research, advisory services, and support and capacity building for research organisations.

Southern Voice is a network of 51 thinks tanks from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Since 2012, it has served as an open platform to generate and promote high-quality, evidence-based analyses for the global dialogue on the Sustainable Development Goals.

The role

We are searching for fieldworkers to help search for research and evidence organisations around the world, and source publicly available information on them. This is a desk based job and field workers can be located anywhere.

Key roles and responsibilities

The work requires fieldworkers to:

  1. Search for organisations: Fieldworkers will be assigned a specific region based on their expertise, location, and language competencies, and asked to identify research and evidence organisations through existing databases and internet searches.
  2. Gathering information: Fieldworkers will collect publicly available information from those organisations (organisational websites and social media accounts) and input it in a database.
  3. Coordinate with supervisor
  4. Correct or update information when needed

Experience and skills


  • Knowledge of think tanks and research and evidence organisations in a specific region
  • Advanced English an intermediate level of French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese
  • Availability to work per hours from November 2019 to February 2020

Other information

This is a desk-based job and field workers can be located anywhere.

If selected, the volume of work will be dependent on the number of organisations per region. Minimum we will require every fieldworker for 6 days of work up to a maximum of 23 days.

This is an excellent opportunity for young researchers to gain more research experience and to work with reputable organisations such as OTT and SV.

If you are interested, please fill in this form October 30th 2019 with your CV.