Geopolitical Consultant

Geopolitical Affairs Consultant

Geopolitical Affairs(GA) provides independent political intelligence, strategic analysis and future scenarios to companies, governments, organizations and individual leaders. We want talents to be our geopolitical consultants, who can draft analytical reports with us, engage with client-focused tasks, and provide first-class service for every client of ours.

The role

We are recruiting analysts to support our analytical teams and to engage with client-focused tasks. The focus of this position will cover security, politics and economic issues that may have an impact on our clients.

Key roles and responsibilities

The analyst will be responsible for producing analytical reports, timely assessments and supporting overall operations led by our directors. We require a high level of proficiency in English and excellent writing skills. Previous experience in the security, governmental sectors or service in the military will be an advantage. Geopolitical Consultant, focusing on NORAM, EU and APAC.

Experience and skills

The primary scope of work includes and will not be limited to:

  • Work on due diligence projects.
  • Produce analytical reports within a limited timeframe.
  • Research and analyze issues of concern for the clients.
  • Engage with the clients and assist with the risk management processes.
  • Help the team and directors with research and operational support when required.


  • A minimum of one year of experience in a similar position or related field
  • Advanced comprehension and interest in geopolitical and security issues
  • Deliver reports and research tasks as required.
  • Excellent research and analytical skills
  • High degree of proficiency in English
  • Fast learner and ability to effectively function in a fast-paced environment

To apply: [email protected]