Internship foraus global

foraus - Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy Intern
Location Zurich, Switzerland
Application deadline 4 March 2018
Contract type Internship
Hours Part-time
Salary CHF 1,000 per month
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The foraus global network of open think tanks – in short « foraus global » – is an international network that aims to support the creation, development and cooperation of open think tanks around the world. It was launched by foraus – Forum Aussenpolitik (Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy) in 2015, which leads the further development of the network and its underlying technologies. The member think tanks are committed to developing constructive, coherent and future-oriented policy solutions with the objective of fostering a culture of open debate and discussion around highly relevant issues in international affairs. At this stage, the network consists of four think tanks: foraus in Switzerland, Polis180 in Germany, Argo in France and Agora in the United Kingdom. More teams in Europe and the US are currently working to launch operations within the next months. 2018 marks a pivotal year, as the organisation aims to fully digitize its processes, expand its presence in non-OSCE countries, consolidate its institutional structure and increase its impact. Thanks to the funding of the Larix foundation, we are able to take this big step forward.

The position

Internship at « foraus global » – the network of open think tanks

Key roles and responsibilities

As an intern of foraus global you will be working in the foraus office in Zurich. Your responsibilities are:

  • Supporting the foraus global strategic team, the international representatives from the other member think tanks and the new Digital Project Manager of foraus.
  • Helping in the creation of videos with key think tank experts about the different aspects of running think tanks.
  • Supporting the introduction of digital tools (e.g. Websites, CRM database or crowdsourcing software) for the network.
  • Coordination of joint projects between the different member think tanks.
  • Co-organization of the foraus global conference in spring 2018.
  • New roles and responsibilities may be added throughout your internship.

Experience and skills

You will be part of a fast-growing and volunteer-driven ecosystem. You fit well into the foraus family if you are a self-reliant team player with a keen interest in foreign policy, driven to bring innovative concepts to life. Language requirements are fluency in English and a good working knowledge of French and German. IT, design and/or communication knowledge would be an important asset.

Time commitment

80%, ideally for 6 months