January 22, 2018

Job Posting

Leaders @ foraus global in Brussels

foraus - Forum on Foreign Policy – Brussels, Belgium
Date added: January 22, 2018 Application deadline: February 5, 2018 Contract type: internship Hours: part-time Salary: Volunteer

Our network of open think tanks on international affairs and public policy, was initiated in 2015 by the Swiss grassroots think tank “foraus – Forum Aussenpolitik”. With the active support of its sister think tank Polis180, the network has grown to a strong movement consisting of four members: Argo (France), Polis180 (Germany), Agora (UK) and foraus (Switzerland). Furthermore, the establishment of new member think tanks in Europe and the US is in full progress. The network’s goal is to connect the member think tanks, enhance their collaborative efforts and the exchange of ideas as well as support the growth and expansion of the members.

The role

The Brussels Hub aims to connect fellow thinktankers working or studying in Brussels. Moreover, it represents the member think tanks in Europe’s political hotspot, coordinates activities and reports about the main topics of European politics. The Hub supports the exchange of think tank members with European policy and decision makers as well as the promotion of EU-relevant publications in the Brussel sphere (communication).

Key roles and responsibilities

Organizing monthly events, connecting interested people with the international network of open think tanks, contributing to common projects, etc.

Experience and skills

Living in Brussels, Good communication skills, fluency in English (other languages desirable), Profound interested in foreign policy, social competence.

How to apply?

Email: [email protected]