December 19, 2018

Job Posting

Senior policy adviser

Kivu International – Overseas preferred, with London based with significant travel and option
Date added: December 19, 2018 Application deadline: January 17, 2019 Contract type: permanent Hours: full-time Salary: From GBP60,000 plus benefits

Kivu International is a value-driven, specialist development organisation. Kivu is dedicated to improving the policy responses to social and economic challenges in the developing world. However, we do not dictate to others how to solve policy problems; instead we support local institutions to develop their own effective solutions.

The role

The position will involve playing a leadership role in developing and delivering programmes that advise, mentor and support a range of local institutions. Our local partners include both government bodies (e.g. ministers and officials in spending ministries and Prime Minister’s Offices) and non-government organisations (e.g. think tanks and civil society organisations).

Key roles and responsibilities

The position will involve a leadership role in delivering programmes in several countries in Africa and Asia. Current potential focuses include: (i) economic policy development and influencing policy in Zambia, working on government debt and fiscal policy, and agricultural market reforms; (ii) social and economic policy influencing in several other sub-Saharan African countries; (iii) direct government support for North African governments on education reform; and (iv) supporting think tanks in Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Experience and skills

There is no requirement for previous experience in international development and applicants could, for example, have a civil service, think tank or policy-research background. The position is an opportunity for a senior policy professional to apply their experience and skills to a new set of challenges in interesting international contexts.