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On Think Tanks was founded in mid 2010. It has evolved from a blog into a global platform dedicated to study and support policy research and policy research centres, or think tanks. The members of the On Think Tanks Team and its Advisory Board are spread out across 6 continents!

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  1. 1

    Techniques to help a new leader connect with his or her team

    The following techniques may help a new leader to connect with his of her team: 1. Monthly discussions about instruments that do not work/do not produce results Young leaders can also enable good and productive conversations about what is not working well and may be enhanced. For example, they... Read full article
  2. 2

    How can young professionals transition successfully into a leadership position?

    Transitioning into a leadership position within an organisation is not an easy process;  neither for the new leader nor for his/her former teammates. This is even harder for young professionals who, at this stage of their careers, are trying to assert themselves within a team/organisation or,... Read full article
  3. 3

    Practical guidelines for a leader to tackle the challenge of his or her new status

    How can a new leader tackle the challenge of addressing a new status for him or herself in the organisation? Lessons from the 2017 OTT Fellowship suggest the following: 1. Identify people's needs: personal development and professional contribution In theory, these are the highest needs or... Read full article
  4. 4

    The Big Eyes project: co-developing a new think tank vision

    When stepping into the role of a new leader, one must consider how his or her vision can be translated into a reality. This demands a new kind of engagement with his or her peers -now working under their leadership. Lessons from the 2017 OTT Fellowship suggest the following steps may be taken... Read full article
  5. 5

    Feminine management style: not just a woman’s affair

    A transition to a higher position, especially within the same organisation where peers might face some challenges in recognising us a new leader, is a great opportunity to allow feminine qualities to emerge. Within the Fellowship Programme, we have explored the potential of better uniting... Read full article
  6. 6

    Staff retreats as a tool to grow as a team

    Staff retreats are great for bonding, getting to know your team members better, and refreshing after intensive work. But with a little more planning, it can also become a tool to engage the whole team in creating a shared vision for the organisation, and committing to take steps towards... Read full article
  7. 7

    What role for legacies: (Re) building a horizontal organisational think tank culture

    During a leadership transition, the new leader has a lot on his/her plate and not so much time for planning. In optimal circumstances (which I have learned are not often) there is a need for setting aside time for conscious reflection on the implications of becoming a new leader  - especially... Read full article
  8. 8

    Public narrative for new think tank leaders

    Adapted from "Public narrative training", originally developed by Professor Marshall Ganz, Harvard University, and modified by the New Organising Institute. To consider your public narrative is to reflect on how leaders and their teams understand their individual motivations and values, and... Read full article
  9. 9

    Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi, Director General at the Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS)

    Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi is the Director General at the Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS), a New Delhi-based autonomous Think-Tank. RIS specialises in issues related to international economic development, trade, investment and technology. The focus of the work... Read full article
  10. 10

    The South Asia Communications Forum: addressing some of the biggest challenges for communicators in South Asia

    In any organisation, the tasks and role of a communicator varies. Often, a communicator ends up being a Public Relations Manager, an Editor, a Media Coordinator, Convener or Event Manager- to name a few. In some organisations, they are the mediator/connector between the organisation and the... Read full article
  11. 11

    Dr. Abid Qaiyum Suleri, Executive director of Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI)

    Dr. Abid Qaiyum Suleri is currently the Executive Director of Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI). SDPI was founded in August 1992 on the recommendation of the Pakistan National Conservation Strategy (NCS), also called Pakistan's Agenda 21. Dr. Annapoorna Ravichander, editor at large... Read full article
  12. 12

    Fajri Siregar, Executive Director at the Centre for Innovation Policy and Governance

    Fajri Siregar is Executive Director at the Centre for Innovation Policy and Governance in Indonesia. CIPG is a research-based advisory group that aspires to excel in the area of science, technology, innovation and governance.He joined the On Think Tanks Fellowship Programme in 2017. Enrique... Read full article
  13. 13

    Fayyaz Yaseen, Director Accountability Lab in Pakistan

    Fayyaz Yaseen is an On Think Tanks Fellow and Director of Accountability Lab in Pakistan. In this interview he discusses the origin of the think tank, the challenges it and the broader think tank community face in Pakistan and the shrinking civic space in the country. Enrique Mendizabal:... Read full article
  14. 14

    Interview with Alejandro Chafuen, President of the Atlas Network

    Alejandro Chafuen is president of the Atlas Network (Atlas Economic Research Foundation) which works to help create and nurture think tanks across the world. He is on the governing board of several think tanks, and is president and founder of the Hispanic American Center for Economic Research... Read full article
  15. 15

    Sanjay Kumar, Director of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies

    Sanjay Kumar is currently the Director of CSDS. It is one of India’s leading institutes for research in the social sciences and humanities. Annapoorna Ravichander: Could you tell us about yourself? Sanjay Kumar: I am the Director at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS)... Read full article