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  1. 1

    Think tank landscape scan 2022: Spain

    Top take-aways: 2000–2008 was a boom period for think tanks in Spain. Today there is stagnation. Despite Spain's decentralised governance, its think tank landscape is characterised by mostly Madrid-based, small-sized think tanks with a thematic specialisation. There are but a few... Read full article
  2. 2

    Think tank landscape scan 2022: Sweden

    Top take-aways: Due to its proximity with Russia and Eastern-European countries, the Swedish policy research ecosystem is strongly influenced by issues related to its geographical location and security issues.  Think tanks, known as tankesmedjor  are a rather new phenomenon, with... Read full article
  3. 3

    Think tank landscape scan 2022: UK

    Top take-aways: Since 2000, the think tank landscape has proliferated with many new smaller organisations emerging. The current ecosystem is dominated by domestically-orientated think tanks focused on issues of national interest. Recent macroeconomic issues dominated by Brexit, COVID-19... Read full article
  4. 4

    Think tank landscape scan 2022: Korea

    Top take-aways: Most think tanks are government-affiliated or are under the influence of large corporations/chaebols. Think tanks are prolific and influential in Korea and are a government go-to. However, they have been criticised for being too close to government and lacking... Read full article
  5. 5

    Think tank landscape scan 2022: The Netherlands

    Top take-aways:  The Netherlands’ most influential think tanks are either embedded in the public system or close to the government, with not many that dare to step outside the government agenda .  The three central planning bureaus  (Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis,... Read full article
  6. 6

    Think tank landscape scan 2022: EC/Brussels

    Top take-away: The ‘Brussels bubble’ creates a unique environment; many think tanks focus on engagement and events rather than deep research analysis. Change happens quickly in Brussels; think tanks tend to be reactive to the day's issue and go wherever the money is. The European... Read full article
  7. 7

    Think tank landscape scan 2022: Germany

    Top take-aways: The German think tank ecosystem is relatively small compared to those of the US and UK, but amongst the largest and most diverse in continental Europe.  While most of Germany's think tanks maintain political independence and seek to avoid being tied to the political... Read full article
  8. 8

    Think tank landscape scan 2022: Italy

    Top take-aways: Current macroeconomic issues include economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the green economy, and infrastructure investments. Think tanks are almost unknown to the Italian public, which is partly due to historical factors and partly because Italian policymakers have... Read full article
  9. 9

    Think tank landscape scan 2022: Australia

    Top take-aways: Think tanks are well established in Australia and can exert some influence in a landscape that is quite open to contest ideas. There seems to be ample funding for think tanks and a high level of interest in where funding comes from. Australian think tanks are not known... Read full article
  10. 10

    Think tank landscape scan 2022: France

    Top take-aways: The French policy research ecosystem is mainly publicly funded as the country’s political and administrative culture has shaped administrative bodies to provide advice and expert opinion to decision-makers. Think tanks in France are centralised around the government... Read full article
  11. 11

    Think tank landscape scan 2022: Norway

    Top take-aways: Norway’s policy research landscape is composed of a small ecosystem of think tanks and academic institutions covering both domestic and international research. Some of the most pressing issues in the Norwegian think tank landscape are climate resilience, economic... Read full article
  12. 12

    Think tank landscape scan 2022: Japan

    Top take-aways: The private sector dominates; there is limited non-governmental organisation (NGO) influence or support for think tanks. Mainstream politicians do not tend to focus on official development assistance (ODA) or related issues, despite Japan being the largest development aid... Read full article