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Institute for Strategic Studies ‒ ISS
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The Institute for Strategic Studies aims to ensure that policies and strategies to develop Mongolia and safeguard the country’s security relying on results of academic research and are implemented in a tangible way. ISS's major objectives are to (1) create opportunities for the formulation of rational, coherent foreign and defense policies that affect the maintenance of Mongolia's independence and security; (2) cooperate with other similar organizations and institutions both in Mongolia and overseas in promoting the study of peace and international security affairs; and (3) promote public awareness and understanding in individuals interested in strategic and peace studies. To implement its aims, ISS (1) conducts long-term analyses of Mongolia's peace and security issues in connection with international and regional security affairs; (2) makes policy recommendations to defense and foreign policymakers; (3) holds conferences, seminars, and meetings on relevant topics; (4) publishes reports, periodicals, and research and information papers; and (5) assists the Mongolian National Committee of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific (CSCAP).

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Government Building - 11 , Sambuu street – 11, Central P.O.Box 870, Ulaanbaatar 15141, Mongolia


Eastern Asia

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English , Mongolian

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Founders: National Security Council
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Leader(s) (2023): DAVAADORJ Begz
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Leader gender: N/A

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