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המכון הלאומי לחקר הבנייה

National Building Research Institute ‒ NBRI

Haifa, Israel

The National Building Research Institute (NBRI) at the Technion is the research framework through which faculty members from the Technion’s Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, who work in the various areas of building research, conduct their funded research. As a national R&D center, NBRI contributes to the enrichment and advancement of professional knowledge in the fields of construction, to formulation of national policies, to promotion and realization of new technologies, to development of solutions to complex engineering problems in the construction sector, and to the dissemination of professional knowledge developed at the Institute.

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The National Building Research Institute, Technion City, Haifa, Israel 3200003


Western Asia

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English , Hebrew

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המכון הלאומי לחקר הבנייה
Israel average
Global average
Founded by
Founders: Israeli Government, The Ministry of Construction and Housing, and the Technion
Founder gender: Other entities
Leader(s) (2022): N/A
Leader gender: N/A
Leader(s) (2021): Professor Rafael Sacks, Head of NBRI
Leader gender: Male
Leader(s) (2020): N/A
Leader gender: N/A
% Female staff
המכון הלאומי לחקר הבנייה
Israel average
Global average
% Female researchers
המכון הלאומי לחקר הבנייה
Israel average
Global average

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