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مركز الدراسات اللبنانية

Center for Lebanese Studies ‒ CLS

Beirut, Lebanon

The Centre for Lebanese Studies was founded in 1984 by a group of an independent academic research institution whose purpose is to promote international understanding of the country and the issues facing it. Its objectives are: To promote better understanding of the national and international issues relevant to Lebanon through the pursuit of independent objective academic research into the political, social, educational, historical, economic, and cultural issues of Lebanon. To inform policy-makers in Lebanon and make recommendations based on research findings in connection with issues facing Lebanon. To provide support and information for governments and international institutions in the formulation of their Lebanese and Middle East policies.

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Centre for Lebanese Studies Lebanese American University, Atiyah Building – Level 3, P.O. Box 13-5053, Chouran Beirut: 1102 2801, Lebanon


Western Asia

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مركز الدراسات اللبنانية
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مركز الدراسات اللبنانية
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مركز الدراسات اللبنانية
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مركز الدراسات اللبنانية
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مركز الدراسات اللبنانية
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