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中共贵州省委党校 (贵州行政学院)

Party School of the Guizhou Provincinal Committee of C.P.C (Guizhou Institute of Public Administration) ) ‒ N/A

Guiyang, Guizhou, China

The Party School of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China ( Guizhou School of Administration) is a rotating leadership and cadre training school of the provincial government. There are 30 institutions in the school, including 10 full-time teaching and research departments, 8 teaching and auxiliary departments, and 12 administrative logistics departments.

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Guizhou Provincial Party School, Qingxi Rd, Huaxi District, Guiyang, Guizhou, China


Eastern Asia

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Guizhou, China
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Government , Political party/figure
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中共贵州省委党校 (贵州行政学院)
China average
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Founders: Communist Party of China
Founder gender: Other entities
Leader(s) (2022): N/A
Leader gender: N/A
Leader(s) (2021): Zhu Wen Dong
Leader gender: Male
Leader(s) (2020): Zhu Wen Dong
Leader gender: Male
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中共贵州省委党校 (贵州行政学院)
China average
Global average

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